It seems that many people have forgotten that America’s sons once fought a war to stop treasonous slavers in the 19th century and then again to stop world domination by the Nazis in the 20th. Today, these are called “Lost Causes” and a common saying is that doing the same thing over and over again expecting to get a different result, well those people are said to truly be out of touch with reality.
President Trump, trying to live as the slavers and Nazis did may end up sending American sons into cataclysmic war. He’s becoming more and more of a dictator. He’s invoked a phony “National Emergency” to build his insane wall. He’s looking to invade Venezuela so the U.S. can control its oil. His border policy of snatching and caging children taken from their parents has already led to the death of at least
two children and the total number may, of course, be hidden. In the end, some of his key advisors and those carrying out his orders will end up in jail.

The Watergate scandal resulted in 69 government officials being charged and 48 being found guilty. And Watergate was just a vague shadow of what Trump and his administration has been up to. The saying is that those who don’t know or study history are prone to repeat it. It is evident that a lot of Republicans don’t believe this. Maybe they have a reason. They are acting as though Nixon didn’t show all of them the price to be paid for far less than what they have been trying to accomplish.

Back to the National Emergency who inhabits the White House: Donald Trump. He said a while back that he wanted a government so small that he could “drown it in a bathtub”. Trump has left so many government jobs and slots unfilled that we do now have that smaller government he wanted. He’s probably happy that his own staff has been reduced. He has never seemed to care for them anyway. So what does this smaller national government mean? Fewer services: Fewer fire fighters, teachers, schools and hospitals, less protection from external evil forces and less local law enforcement. Sounds like something many criminals would love.

He has sacrificed for his own crazy ideological reasons: Better schools and hospitals, better firefighting equipment; more and better trained firefighters and police. Instead, Republicans are fighting, via The National Rifle Association (The NRA) and others, for more guns in the streets and in our schools while millions still have no healthcare. And still more will be without if they are finally able to destroy “Obama Cares”. Climate change is not a priority to them. The longer this administration is in office the graver the world is in its danger from global climate change. Meanwhile the wealth gap, in the U.S.
and globally continues to grow. Can we force billionaires to bring back the money they have hidden in tax shelters around the world? This money doesn’t belong to these Scrooges. This is OUR money. It belongs to the American people, not to be stolen by a
few corrupt billionaires to do with as they see fit and to the nations peril. Serious change is needed, but as long as they are in charge of electing the people who write the laws I don’t see these needed changes happening anytime soon.

The best possible thing that I can write is that Trump is getting weaker – thank God. The investigations into possible collusion between his team and Vlad Putin’s Russian government  seems to be nearing an end. New York’s Southern District is also investigating the Trump family’s financial shenanigans and is revealing much more information. As I write this, Trumps long time lawyer, who is on his way to serving his time in jail, is set to testify for three days about the Donald’s criminal activities while he has been President of the United States. And he says he has the proof to back up what he will say. There are now some reports that Trump may be trying to negotiate a deal to depart early provided he and his family members aren’t prosecuted. Stay tuned.


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