Charles DeGaulle, Past President of France served with honor in both World Wars and was said to be a hero in spite of the fact that he was captured five times. The current American President is Anti-American and many say without honor. Sen. John McCain was, according to many, an honorable service man. There is some proof. After your service in the military, you are judged: Was your service to the country honorable or not? This is stated in writing in your military discharge. McCain’s service was honorable. This pretty much sums up the situation.

Someone said on, I think it was MSNBC, that no soldier would feel safe in a foxhole with our current President. I am a Viet Nam era veteran with an Honorable Discharge. If I had been in a foxhole with our current president, would I still be alive? Or would our President have gone over to the side of North Viet Nam much the same way that Richard Nixon did?

President Johnson accused Nixon of treason but didn’t go public with it to prevent the disruption it might cause in the country during time of war. Nixon was clearly a criminal since fifty or sixty of the men executing his orders went to jail for the crimes they committed. He, however was not cuffed and dragged off to a prison. He could have said: “Lock me up, they’re innocent. I made them do it”. Instead, they all, along with their families, suffered. They may be scared forever. Except for looking like a clown and a fool, Nixon did not suffer. This didn’t bother him since he had no honor. Remember: He won the Presidency by a landslide!
This doesn’t give me good feelings about democracy, except for the fact that it’s better than the alternative.

Is being a traitor a Republican trait whenever they think they might get away with it? Why are they often supporting people that are suspected or convicted of crimes up to and including treason? Nixon tried to keep what he was doing a secret, thinking that it would help him be elected to the Presidency. He was right. Our current President waves his dis-loyalty to his country of birth like a flag. He openly seeks help from enemy nations and says this will help him make this country “Great Again”. Since he’s doing it openly, he’s probably wondering why everyone isn’t following him the way that most of the Republican Party does. What is to be said of the citizens that vote for men like this? If you are a convict seeking political power, the Republican Party is the party most likely to support you. Does it excite them to thwart decency?

I personally think that Republicans like to hurt people. They do so much out in the open so it seems that there are enough people that like to be hurt to keep them in power. Voters are saying: Take away our health care and send all of our money to the rich so they can stash it offshore. Make us economically powerless by destroying our unions. Rig elections and destroy our environment. This is some of what people have been voting for and Republicans have been delivering. It is a sad American situation but we seem to enjoy hurting ourselves.

Hurricane Katrina hit in this country and was pretty much ignored by a Republican Administration. The President at that time flew over New Orleans and elsewhere in an airplane and saw the damage caused by the storm. He chose to do little or nothing to help these American citizens. Almost 2,000 of us died as a result.

Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria killed 2,975 of us as reported by the Puerto Rican Government on or about 28 Aug 18. The simple cause and cover up was again due to a Republican Administration that was reporting only 64 dead. Republicans, as usual, were speaking with a forked tongue. Who in their right minds support a government that always lies? The answer: The Republican Party.

Many Republicans have been heard saying that they are in it for the money and they will endure any damage to get paid. This is a foolish statement that I have heard them say many times on cable television. Yet they get elected and re-elected to the point where they have absolute power. Americans voted for this. This seems to show that the majority of Americans are fools and are not capable of responsible self government.

As a war time vet, I get full medical coverage. I recently had a medical test that I was told would cost $3,000 if not done at a Veterans Administration hospital. I have had major surgeries that would have been impossible for me to pay for out of pocket. I almost went bankrupt regardless of the VA and it was caused by dental problems. Most dental is not covered, not even cleanings.

Taking away people’s healthcare would be similar to taking away my VA health care – yet most Republicans are trying to do exactly this. They would have succeeded had it not been for Sen. John McCain and the hatred shown him and his family even though he is laying in state as I write this is hard to comprehend. He stopped us from hurting ourselves and is hated for it by many, including our current President who flew the White House flag at half-staff for just a few hours the other day and was condemned for it, and to my surprise, even by a few Republicans.

It seems that causing people die is a Republican fantasy. It excites them. There are lots of things I could say to support what I’ve just said. I could do this just before the upcoming election but I doubt that the desire to hurt ourselves would go away.

Remember that Sen. McCain was very anti Russian. It seems that our President is more Russian than he is American. Perhaps he avoided military service to his country of birth because he feared having to be on a battlefield fighting the Russians he seems to love. I hate to say that I would respect his courage more if I thought this was the case. The problem is that he and his supporters do not stand up for anything that is honorable. Sen. McCain, born in 1936, was said to be always honorable. He was never touched by scandal as far as I know. He did not sell out during the Viet Nam War and was released after at least five years of unspeakable torture in the “Hanoi Hilton” in 1973. He never fully recovered from his injuries.

Most of the world says that John McCain is an American Hero. Our President says that he is not because he was captured doing something our President is too afraid to do. Our President has been openly called a coward. So, do we have a gutless wonder leading our country?

Let’s talk a little about a famous prisoner of war from the “Great War”, WW1 that was started in 1914. This was the French President, Charles DeGaulle who was wounded in battle three times. After healing, each time, he chose to return to the battlefield. In the fighting, he was captured but escaped five times. Unfortunately, he was recaptured five times and was held in captivity until the end of the war, referred to as the Armistice.

Does this mean that he is not a hero to the French People? He was at the head of the parade when as the victors, they marched in to reclaim their country from the Nazis after WWII. Several streets and monuments in France were dedicated to his memory after his death. Isn’t this what we do in order to remember our heroes?  What will be said of our current President when he is no longer around to trumpet his failing policies?  What honors can be given to a coward?

This link will give you more information on DeGaulle during the Great War.


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