We in the Press have been told by Republicans and others, then had it reinforced from day one by the Trump Administration, that we should not say anything about our President’s family background and history. Trump took an oath to defend the Constitution and he violated it on the first day in office when he tried to muzzle the Press. He called the major publishers and T.V. executives into the Oval Office, of all places, and attempted to silence them – restrict them – limit what they could say.  For example, we are not to mention that his father was a racist and ignore the fact that the family was of German extraction. Also, Russian newspapers were given scoops directly from the Oval Office that were not given to the American Press, making America last right from Day One!

I don’t think we can continue to do or allow this anymore. Trump and his Administration are doing everything they can do to remind us of what “traditional” Germans can and will stand for. Obviously, not all Germans are hate filled Nazis but they do have a past that everyone knows about. Some try to pretend that the Holocaust didn’t happen but they haven’t yet been able to pull that off. They will continue to try rewriting history.

Too bad they haven’t been able to rewrite themselves. Right now, in Germany, they are acting like they did during WWII. The country is experiencing a resurgence of Anti-Jewish feelings of the “Warm up the Ovens” type. To be honest, I didn’t expect this to happen again so soon, but then again, I didn’t expect Donald Trump to be released on the world either. A Jew is a Jew and it seems that Germans have a genetic disposition that prevents them from being civil to Jews as well as to many others. Trump has brought the KKK, Nazi and other White Hate groups into the White House yet again. Are pictures of Adolph Hitler secretly on display somewhere in the “Peoples House”? Maybe they will have another march or two just to prove they are in control. Might Trump himself lead some of the marches? A few participants might pull out and wear their dads or grand-dads WWII German uniforms, after they sew up the bullet holes.

I expected many Republicans to fall in line behind Trump, since they almost always play follow the leader. This is a trait these All White Male politicians have usually shown. The attitude is that Trump has shown us the “Way and The Light”. If we all act like him, it would be like a thousand Trumps, maybe many thousands of Trumps marching on the world, all in lock-step. So the image we can now have is of them marching like an army of goose-stepping Trump clones, all in heavy Jackboots!

I remember as Trump ascended to the Presidency, there were videos aired of his supporters snapping an arm into the air and shouting “Heil Trump”. Those images, for some reason, are not being shown anymore. They have been replaced by pictures of children at the U.S./Mexican border being held in animal cages, and having numbers printed on their arms in the process. This is what was done to Jews in the WWII concentration camps in preparation for them to be gassed or worked to death. Heinrich Himmler built them and it seems that his work was the prototype followed by members of the current Administration when setting up our camps. We have just had the first Mexican child die from neglect and thirst followed by videos of border guards emptying jugs of life saving water onto the desert sand – water that could have kept her alive – had she been able to get out of her cage and get to one of the jugs. I can’t help but wonder if she died with a number on her arm. Her death, of course, was followed by another and…

Still, there is hope. The American Government has three equal branches that give us stability, sort of like a tripod: The House, The Senate and the Presidency. One or even two can go off balance, but with just one left, if it follows the “Rule Of Law” it can almost stand and is now standing only because it allows a “Free Press” to exist. Trump knew this could happen which is why one of the first things he attacked from the Oval Office was the Press. This makes it Two against Two and this tenuous stability is what is happening with us right now. And as long as the “Rule of Law” rules, the Courts give us a tripod. Because the Laws are written down, it becomes easy to see if they are being enforced or followed properly, and if not, an appeal process is available. This is stability. But it’s usually not quick. And Trump is picking the judges.

We have been through something like this before. It was called: The Civil War. But this time, probably minus the bullets. Nixon tried something very similar to Trump. He was elected in a landslide. That two Presidents with criminal tendencies could get elected should be a serious warning. Some of our people are not made for self-government, and don’t want it, but it is still better than the alternative. African-Americans did not support Nixon and they showed this when Sammy Davis Jr. hugged him, and most were and still are openly hostile to Trump for very many obvious reasons.

Now the whole world has been watching to see if a Tyrant in the White House, with one third of the U.S. population supporting him and with Republicans goose stepping along with him can, with some outside help, topple the U. S. Government and it seems that the answer is in sight. It appears that many of those directly taking Trump’s marching orders are in or soon will be in orange jump suits. It is easy to see now that a Custom suit is being made for our President and I think it will fit him better than he expected.


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