With Donald Trump White Women Elected Abuse and Enslavement



Those who claim to have suffered for eight years under the Obama Presidency have brought fire and brimstone on the world as we know it.

They have been held in check somewhat but they have done their due diligence and they now have hold on all the levers of power in America except that they have not won the majority of the people.

The people are far harder to steal, but Republicans are working on it. This will not be the first time that they have planned to rob a continent of its people. They have planned it and done it many times before.
To be a Republican is to steal what you cannot get honestly and this particular theft has been done well and in plain sight while everyone was watching. If they can’t delete the person, then at least they can delete the vote.

Kicking people off the voter rolls is something they are good at and they even brag about as if it was an honorable thing. That it has always been Anti-American to do this doesn’t bother them at all. They have no morality to speak of.
If your enemy uses illegal tactics in his attempt to defeat you then it’s fair to fight back using the same or similar tactics. All’s fair in love and war.
Then why are Democrats not fighting back using tactics proven to work? I hear what the Republicans say and I see what they do and I never hear Dems fight back using any similar tactics.

This has always bothered me.
George W Bush’s e-mails were on private servers. Instead, a mountain was made out of the Clinton e-mails that got lost. Donald Trump invited Putin in to hack our systems to find them. Why wasn’t Trump, for the record at least, charged with treason? In retrospect it seems to me he had been alluding to e-mail messages he already knew had been hacked since they were presumably shared with him.

Our former beloved First Lady Michelle Obama said “When they go low, we go high.” As much as I love and respect her, I think it’s time to change these tactics if we want to start winning again.
But we don’t have to throw the baby out with the bathwater – we can just add a bunch of dramatically new tactics and weave them in with the old tried and true. The whole country is now run by Republicans and this just proves what we already painfully know. We see that their tactics work.
So we should use them; they have shown us the way. I must say that being ruled by these criminals make my flesh crawl.

We can and must use their tactics but we don’t have to become them.
Prior to the election, I was running around saying a lot of things, including that Trump couldn’t win unless White women voted him in. This is exactly what has happened.
Now you know and understand why I love my Black women so much. Look at the contrast: First Lady, Michelle Obama went on the record with a speech that stunned America.
She talked about the pain a Donald Trump had inflicted on her and many other women and children.

No one had ever heard a speech like this before, but we have never had a candidate like Trump before.
When Michelle was finished speaking I think we all felt that no-one could vote for anyone like Trump and this was echoed by Hillary Clinton as well. Well damn it, weren’t we all wrong. America is more evil than even I thought.

White women heard something they really liked and accepted.
They were saying: It’s O.K. to degrade us, to humiliate us, to sexually assault and even kill us by taking away the health care we actually need to stay alive. Take away control of our own bodies. It’s O.K. that politicians can over-rule our doctors when it comes to our health. There are more women with this attitude than there are women who want to be loved and cared for.
Try denying that this is what has happened.

Can politicians over-rule a man’s doctor? I don’t think so.
Trump is in the White House deeded to Clinton by the popular vote. White women were a major part of the minority that put him in there. Recently I was watching one of the many news shows I regularly watch. I think it was on MSNBC. It was claimed that the voting breakdown from exit polls showed that 52% of White women voted for Trump and his abusive ways; while only 43% voted for Clinton to destroy the glass ceiling that has always held them back and held them down.

I never thought of White women as slaves but Trump has shown that he has full control over them to the point where he can predict what they will do.
Joy Reid on MSNBC quoted Trump as calling women “Pigs and Dogs” and he has referred to them as “disgusting”. Black women, by withholding their votes for Trump showed their revulsion. But when the opportunity for White women to free themselves of the oppression they have always known finally came by voting for Hillary Clinton, too many got cold feet.

They just weren’t ready to vote power and freedom to themselves. Mix them in with the dumbed down members of the population, and I think it clear that they voted for their own destruction and right now they are happy to have done it.
Prior to the election we were being told by the media –that always lies, according to Trump– that practically no Black people were going to vote for Trump. I personally knew only one Black person who said he was going with Trump but he was the only one I knew.

The fact that this turned out to be true, that very few Blacks would support Trump –8%– shows that Black people know with certainty who their enemy is. But the same thing can’t be said about White women. They have done the whole world an injustice and now there is little that they can do to make it right. When their health care is gone, and there is no replacement, when their social security disappears because it’s been privatized and lost on bad Wall Street bets, then and only then might a little light turn on.

Or perhaps their Social Security could be so dramatically cut, that as in Texas, woman are dying because the governor has made such fatal subtractions to their health care system that they are all worse off than even the worst developing countries; they are dying and watching their babies die in record numbers. So what are we gonna do? I say “we” because of course, all of us will be going down with them. Don’t think this can’t happen because it already has.

Republicans have shown that the welfare of American citizens means little or nothing to them. In trying to pull down Obama, they were willing to destroy the whole government or at least seriously prevent it from operating. This was a government they said no-one needed until it was needed and used by President Obama to stop the world from tumbling down into the abyss opened up by the Republicans gross mismanagement of the world economy.

But true to form, Trump follows this up eight years later. He totally disregards recent history. He brags about liking war, and maybe by implication, even using it against his own people should they offend him, although he is much too cowardly to fight in a war. The only thing he fought for was waving his yellow flag five times; that’s how many times he got deferments.
Very brave man.

Then he has asked why nuclear weapons are never used, as if he can’t figure it out.



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