Introducing Owen “Miracle” Maseli, An Artist You’ll Soon Hear a lot about

One of Maseli’s artwork

For his premier exhibit in the U.S., Nigerian artist Owen “Miracle” Maseli choose the gothic Octagon Gallery on Roosevelt Island to display his body of work, sponsored by the Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association.

The medium used in most of these paintings is oil, pastels and acrylics. The overriding themes in his paintings are love, sharing, brotherhood and daily life. He has said, “I love colors, gestures and moods. I am not restricted in style. Sometimes I do folk art and other times, contemporary arts. I paint as the art chooses to go.”

For example, one painting depicts two people, one without eyes, and the other without ears. The love and support can be easily gleamed in their embrace. Mr. Maseli said, “This is my favorite.”

Another notable painting is “One Afternoon”, a large acrylic, painted mostly in shades of white, with a sprinkle of black and red. What sets this piece aside from the others is not its size, but the choice of paint colors.

Most of the pieces are vibrant multi colors, as seen in “Girls in My Village” (acrylic on canvas). The artist said, “I work in oils, pastels and acrylics mainly. I like paintings that express a message without necessarily being over labored.”

Another Maseli piece

Maseli’s collection offers several small framed paintings which make a very affordable gift for an art collector or for you. At a mere $80 each – what a steal! Miracle’s “Village Scenes” collage is an example of these small-size masterpieces. These are investment quality paintings which will surely be worth a small fortune, probably sooner than later.

Maseli’s collection of paintings are the type you’ll never get tired of seeing. These paintings are like enjoying comfort food – inviting, familiar and pleasant. You can thoroughly enjoy just looking at them, without searching for some deep meaning.

Future plans call for exhibiting Maseli’s paintings in other New York venues. Meantime, An African Winter will be on view at the Octagon Gallery, 888 Main Street, Roosevelt Island, New York, Until February 26th. Gallery hours 9 am until 9 pm.
For more information about Mr. Maseli, you can reach him via his email address or RIVAA’s website, or


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