Dr. Leotha Streat Munford (1912 - 1990)

There is evidence that Chiropractic services were available in Ancient Egypt as were Psychological services as well, so we are not necessarily talking about something new or unknown or un-proven. Why then did the American Medical Association (AMA) fight so hard against Chiropractic when it was being re-introduced?  Why were they fighting against proven methods of Health Care?

My mother was the first Black Female Chiropractor, having graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic In the mid 1940’s. She met my father there. The one sided racist policies that Europeans have always inflicted on the world prevented Blacks & Whites from giving each other standard Chiropractic adjustments. This is because the science of Chiropractic comes down to the actual hands on manipulation of the spinal column. The purpose is to re-align the vertebrae as they were intended to be so that signals from the brain could be sent to the  organs of the body instructing them on how to repair themselves when and as needed. If these signals are blocked because the nerves that transmit them are being pinched by some vertebrae that were no longer in proper alignment, illness soon follows. You didn’t have to tell my mother what was ailing you – she would run her hands down your spine and then tell you what problems you were having. And she was always right.

Chiropractic therefore, is an ancient procedure or practice that facilitates the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The AMA once sought to heal only through surgery and drugs, rather than to help the body to heal on its own as it was designed. Fortunately, things have changed, and my parents were among those showing the way forward. It was popular at that time to put any such healers, including chiropractors, in jail – to put it in the modern vernacular: “Lock Them Up”.  This very primitive thinking shows how little progress some of us have made in the past eighty-five or ninety years. Fortunately, my parents were never arrested but they were forced to often go underground. They had to use aliases and other methods to avoid being arrested and at the same time, keep their patients healthy.

To me, the best method is a combination of both sciences. Chiropractic aside, here is an example of how the AMA sought to heal me when I needed it around 1977:  I am a Viet Nam era veteran and I qualify for health care in any Veterans Administration Hospital anywhere in the world. There is no substitute for this care. Upon receiving my Honorable Discharge I went immediately to the nearest VA Hospital, which happened to be on East 23rd Street in Manhattan and registered with them – to start collecting my “bennies” as it is often put.

I let them know what I was going through and they had a treatment for it. But what happens when the AMA solution is simply the wrong approach?  My vertebrae were rubbing against each other and this was becoming painful. There are water filled pads between each of them and the fluids in them can, over time, be depleted. This is what happened to me to the point that I couldn’t even sit comfortably, let alone move around comfortably.

The solution offered by the VA was to drill holes into and through my vertebrae and insert rods through them to hold them in place so they would no longer rub against each other. I decided that I wasn’t going to let that happen to me!  At that point, I escaped the VA and went out to find a chiropractor. I found a great one because I knew what to look for. It took time, but eventually, the fluids started to fill the sacs again and I soon recovered completely – without surgery. Imagine me now in 2019 trying to walk around at my current age of seventy-two with rods inserted through and into each of my spinal vertebrae.

I tell you this so you can know some of the history of the Health Care Systems that we are all at risk of losing every day. Remember: Republicans are painting a dark picture of the VA trying to make people think they are totally incompetent, but as usual, this is a lie. They are well known for their corruption and are just trying to privatize the VA. Once in control, the thought is that they will probably cut services to Veterans and pocket the difference. Let us mention that the VA has specialists in treating the kind of problems that war time vets have. Taking away the specialists we need to stay healthy and sending us to public general practitioners is what they will probably do. It is not something that hasn’t been tried before – sometimes successfully.

If it were up to The American Medical Association, back in the 1930’s and 40’s Chiropractors that can now be found in every town, almost on every corner, would not be available at a cost usually far less than what a surgeon would charge. I am not against surgery, I have had several and they were needed and thank God, successful. But happily, there are sometimes alternatives. I have a friend who is an M.D. He has continued the practice other healers have employed in the past and has also been to Chiropractic College even though the first two years of Chiropractic training is the same as what M.D. students obtain.

So the Republican Party is continuing this fight against health care for all Americans. The questions are: Why? And who are these people who keep voting them into power so they can constantly try to destroy our health?  Who are these people who are trying to die young and untreated from even the simplest of health problems?  If Republicans want to deny us the health care that keeps us alive, without giving up the Health Plans they enjoy, what plans do they have for the rest of the World Population?  God created us and designed into our bodies a relatively simple way to stay healthy and even this at times they have been able to take away. Recent election results indicate that some Republicans are starting, for some unknown reason, to wake up and are trying to walk away from the graves they themselves have been preparing to put themselves and perhaps millions of Americans into as well.

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