My family has ruled more than the known world for millions of years.

Civilizations Rise and Fall all over the world but they do it very, very slowly. African Americans and most of the non-European world have been under the thumb of a people who claim they represent a civilization but it seems that taken as a group, they have never been civil to anyone, not even to each other. Black people and American Indians among many others, have been vilified, ridiculed, murdered and lynched for centuries. The surprising thing to me is that Europeans have murdered so many millions of their own people as well. They can’t help themselves, it seems. The most important thing in the world: Life, means little or nothing to so many of them. They have infected the world with this attitude.

Part of how it works is to raise the Rabble as follows: Ms. Roseanne Barr formerly of the cancelled “Roseanne” T.V. show posted a racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett, an African-American woman who was a senior adviser to Barack Obama throughout his presidency. She wrote if the “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.”  Note: vj=Valerie Jarrett so that we have no misunderstanding!

Now this is happening while White Americans are arming themselves to the teeth but, of course, we must ask why, for what reason are they so committed to this and to what end? Are they expecting the Canadians or the Mexicans to invade us in an attempt to strike back against something? Maybe they will use the coming Trade Wars as an excuse this time, even though America is starting them. It has been said often that they are preparing to fight off the Federal Government should the Army, Navy, Air Force & Marines come to disarm them. Or maybe they just want to keep killing their own children? What is driving this mass and continuing arming and who will be among the targets and victims this time? Have they bumped up the verbal attacks against Blacks, ridiculing us so we do not appear as Human Beings and can be easily killed again as has been done in the past? It seems that unarmed Blacks are their favorite targets as usual.

When I was in Egypt, I saw the ancient statues that were everywhere. Many of them looked like some of my family members. One looked like my Aunt Doris.  I have always thought the picture above looks like a friend of mine. This sculpture is of one of Nefertiti’s six daughters.  I was even told that one of the statues we saw looked like me. I saw a very large one that looked like Denzel Washington. No pictures get published of Ancient Egyptians that look like people we might recognize. This is not an accident. You can take a picture of this particular Pharaoh from an angle that changes the features just enough so that you don’t see that it looks like someone we know, like Denzel. Just a little distortion and you’ve lost your history! Go there and see our families cast in stone as I did with Dr. Ben. The scales will start falling from your eyes.

And we are being told again that our most successful people are just some kind of animals and some of our most beautiful and prosperous women are just “monkeys”.  I have to fight back!  Our Recent past First Lady, Sister Michelle Obama said when they go low, we go high. But I don’t see any rules, high or low, when my Beautiful Black Sisters that I love and can’t live without are attacked by uncivilized savages.

They claim thousands of years of civilization is on their side, implying that this is a high standard, which of course, it isn’t. The Ancient Egyptians have always claimed our history goes back millions of years and this has been recently verified by a huge two or three mile long spaceship that crash landed on the dark side of the moon. Some people from NASA say it is millions of years old! Two of the pilots are still aboard. Two Black females with locks (Dread Locks) along with their instruments and written documentation are up there. Are they possibly waiting for another secret mission to be sent up by the U. S. Army? This secret from the Dark Side of the Moon has been kept under wrap for a long time.

The word is that we might now be using some of the advanced technology found aboard this ship to manufacture some new types of equipment.  I have no idea what kind of new things are being made, if any. African backs built this country, and established the murdering, enslaving rapists of our men, women and children. Their pictures on the currency appears as proof of the immense profits made by not yet having to pay the workers or their descendants for the death defying work that was done under the lash. Is the technology supplied by our Ancient African Ancestors taking us further into their and our future? (Type: “Black Women On The Moon” into your search engines if you want to see them and the ship for yourselves.) Even highly intelligent monkeys can’t build pyramids and spaceships regardless of what some Europeans might try to get you to believe.


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