E. Harrison Gordon, Conductor
E. Harrison Gordon, Conductor

The June 10th year end concert of The Nubian Conservatory marked its 35th year by celebrating the accomplishments of its young musicians and seasoned professionals, while paying tribute to G.F. Handel, composer of “Judas Maccabaeus”.

The damp gloomy weather wasn’t felt in Siloam Presbyterian Church that Sunday as young performers proudly showed their well-learned skills on the piano and songs.  Notable were the masterful performances by Kayene Lelitte who played the 1st movement of the Sonata in C by Mozart K 545; and Kyaji Amory-Narcisse who sung “La Dona e Mobile” in Italian from “Rigoletto” by Verdi.

Another notable performance came from Celeste Henderson, Soprano, whose selection was “I Want Jesus to Walk With Me”. This mournful rendition conjured up memories of enslaved Africans in the height of captivity. While melancholy, it was extremely well done and necessary in keeping with the mission of the Conservatory – “Dedicated to preserving music of the African Diaspora.”

Ricky Brackett, Baritone, who has performed in numerous venues, was particularly good that afternoon.  The addition to his body animation while singing A. Androzzo’s “If I Can Help Somebody” added depth to the performance.  He too was outstanding.

One of the Conservatory’s newest piano students, 11-year-old Camryn Cowan, is also a member of the Young Composer’s Program of the New York Philharmonic and had her premier composition “Harlem Shake” performed by the New York Philharmonic. Unfortunately, The Nubian Conservatory doesn’t have the funds to hire the musicians necessary to perform this piece.

Part III of the concert concluded with excerpts from G.F. Handel’s “Judas Maccabaeus.  Leading singers were Louis Riva (Judas Maccabaeus); Heidi Engstrom (1st Israeli Woman); Melissa Collom (2nd Israeli Woman) Harrison W. Gordon (Israeli Man); Kofi Hayford (Simon); and E. Harrison Gordon, Conductor.

The Nubian Conservatory was proud to present a plaque to New York State Assemblywoman Tremaine Wright for her ongoing efforts to secure funding for the Conservatory.  Also in attendance with her infant son was New York City Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo.  After listening to the concert, the Councilwoman said that her son one day will be a student at the Conservatory!

We could fill this page with the outstanding performances we heard that afternoon, but suffice it to say, if you enjoy fine music, in all likelihood you’ll hear them again and see this for yourself – they are consistently outstanding .   The next opportunity to hear the Nubian perform will be at the annual Christmas concert in December 2018.   Please join them and bring family and friends.

For more information about the Nubian Conservatory or the fund raising branch, The Friends of the Nubian Conservatory, visit us at  The address is 892 Eastern Parkway, 1st Floor, Brooklyn 11213 email

The Nubian Conservatory is Non-Sectarian.  All sacred music is taught and performed for artistic purposes.



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