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When one of the women in a building I managed got raped, I was called in of course.  A Buildings Landlord is much like a First Responder who sees a side of life that a lot of people in other professions don’t get to see. I was a Court Appointed 7A Administrator assigned to manage a pair of buildings that I eventually came to own. This put me in the middle of a lot of people’s lives since many would come to me when they were in trouble or needed something. What I saw and experienced was shocking to me. Twenty-five years later, it still is.

Our current President is well known for molesting women since many have accused him of this. He always supports molesters and convicts of all kinds and is famous for it. He marches forward with impunity since a majority of White women voted him power over both them and their bodies. The question is why! Only six percent of Black women voted for him. There are other cultural differences between our races. Whites tend to support homosexuality, while Blacks tend to be against it. Compare former President Obama to our current President. The differences are polar opposites and just shocking to say the least.

In light of the above, I felt that I should pass on what I have personally seen more than once from women but I feel that what I’ve seen, what we all have seen, just might be in some respects, somewhat universal.  The rape victim mentioned above was warned many times to stay out of a very large public park after dark as we all were worried about her safety. The park was just a block away and she seemed unusually attracted to it in warm weather, after dark.  She did not take our advice. One night, she was brutally raped. Afterwards, she slit her wrists. Fortunately, we had a medical doctor living in the building. I don’t remember exactly how it happened, but I was there watching as he saved her life. He grabbed first one wrist and wrapped it tightly with a bandage, then did the same with the other.

We had a hospital a block away and I went with others including the doctor, of course, to see that the victim was admitted.  A nurse asked what had happened and when I told her the story, she refused to accept it saying in plain English that it couldn’t have been as I described. I am very seldom called a liar but this nurse said that I was.

I was a friend of the victim. I had known her for many years and she worked for me in my office. I was upset but highly motivated.  I wanted to find her rapist and I knew the police, as a group, would have little or no interest in finding him. I remember when as a teenager, it was published in a major newspaper that when a woman had reported a rape to the police, an officer told her that “she should have just relaxed and enjoyed it.” But it seemed to me that the victim wanted him found, so I organized a team of men and women and on possibly more than one night, we went on a search. I had learned from my years in a street gang that the police were always attracted to a group of Black people, regardless of the circumstances. I and one other walked with the victim but I had the balance of the group to disburse into two or three at the most and to walk each on opposite sides of the street and spaced, so as to not attract attention and keeping us in view. We searched the neighborhood but the victim did not point to anyone as a suspect. At least we tried.  No-one was ever charged with this rape, let alone convicted.

Now, something just as, if not more astonishing:  I had several friends in my buildings – friendships built in the struggle to return essential services to our buildings after they had been abandoned by the landlord. Survival depended on supporting each other and two of them found themselves in a close personal relationship, which wasn’t surprising. Both were my friends. To our astonishment, the female started hanging out in the park after dark, same as our victim had done. Who could have expected that? Just as we had tried with the victim, many of us attempted to stop her, but with much more vigor than we had with the victim since we all could see clearly what she was trying to make happen. I thank God that we were able to stop her, but it was not easy.

What would drive a woman we had come to trust and respect to seek out a rapist? She didn’t seem to be concerned about how this might trouble her boyfriend. I doubt that there is a cure for this kind of behavior. The current Republican Administration is hell bent to put more and more sexual abusers into positions of power and as we have seen, there are many women who actively will support this, but not publically. It’s on the down low. So the female politician apparently bent to the will of her electorate, and must have thought that she would not be punished by her voters when she decided to cast a deciding vote that would suppress them. It seems that this is what they wanted and that they could hardly wait to get it.

Looking at the larger picture, the sadists will seek out the masochists and the masochists will seek out the sadists. They will then join forces so the woman can be hurt & injured even if it is so abominable that it leads to her committing suicide! If by chance, she survives but becomes pregnant, many will want her to be forced if necessary to bring the child to term, and then to raise it as well so that each day, she could relive the rape. Later, perhaps she can proudly tell the child that she doesn’t know who its father is or was. Those women who witness this may try to repeat the experience for themselves.


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