Gloria Gia Williams was reported missing on May 2, 2018. She’s a professional singer, having toured the world with the Harlem Gospel Choir for years. She had just finishing a rehearsal for an upcoming show and that was the last time she was seen. We’ve probably all seen Missing Persons T.V. shows but those are just shows. When and if it happens to you, it’s not a show in any way. You get twisted in knots, not really knowing what to do. You’re ready to do almost anything. You start calling people, friends, associates and the police. You call anyone you can think of all day long trying to find your missing loved one.

There were two versions of how she was found. Both versions have her being on the street and looking like she needed medical attention. She is a senior citizen and about a month ago she had escaped a house fire that severely burned her close friend and it is thought that she was still suffering trauma from that event. Her friend is still hospitalized and kept in a medically induced coma but is said to be steadily improving. One version of how she was found has her being taken to Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx by people she knew. The other version has her arriving at Lincoln in an ambulance that an unknown woman on the street called for her.

She was admitted as a “Jane Doe” until after a couple of days, a bag was found that had her I.D. in it. Family member were calling all of the hospitals every day, but her name was not in any registry until after the I.D. had been located. On May 11th, it was confirmed that she was in Lincoln. She was kept in the hospital under treatment for about a week and I went to see her on Mother’s Day.  She was set to be released on Monday, May 14th.  She is well, bright eyed and bushy tailed as the saying goes and said to be staying with the family members that worked so hard, along with so many others, to find her. A very happy ending, and I give many thanks to God for it.


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