Photo source: U. S. Government.

Gravity is something we all experience. Without it, I don’t think the world or even the universe could continue to exist. We are now again in the space age and we use gravity to power and control space probes sent to the outer planets. Among other things, when it was used, it was called “The Hohmann Transfer” and later called a “Gravity Assist”. It made space travel easier and faster. And we used to use it to make our babies much easier to deliver. It is a universal force and worked very well for that purpose just like it worked for space transportation and for creating our universe.

When the Ancient Egyptians used it to deliver babies, it was called: Being “On the Bricks”. Think about it this way: When a woman is to deliver a baby in a modern hospital, she is laid flat on her back and her feet and legs are usually placed in “stirrups”. Her crotch is exposed and she is told to push the baby out. Forceps are sometimes used to grip the baby’s head as the doctor tries to pull the new born out. My mother had marks on both sides of her head and she was told that they were from the forceps that were used to deliver her. Sounds very primitive, to me.

When a woman in Ancient Egypt was going into labor, she was placed on a special chair and on that chair and in that position, she delivered her baby. I have studied Egyptian History for at least fifty years and have yet to see what these chairs looked like. I doubt that they were really made of bricks. This is probably an error in the translation from a language that was no longer being spoken. I am pretty certain that these “chairs” were comfortable with something very clean, soft and close underneath for the baby to be placed on if necessary. Another advantage to this method is that it was relatively easy for the mid-wife to insert a hand to adjust the position of the baby if needed. Sometimes the umbilical cord would get wrapped around the baby’s neck or other problems could arise. By hand, the baby can be easily moved around inside the womb. Some things that can be done this way might require surgery in a “modern” hospital.

The infant has the advantage of a gentle “Gravity Assist” as the weight of the child helped to insure a smooth delivery, with no pushing, pulling or the use of any tools. Gravity is, after all, a powerful and very friendly force that we live with all day, every day.

I decided to write this article because whenever I ask a woman if she knows about the “Bricks” I never get any answer that makes any sense to me and it’s the same response when I ask a doctor. So when are we going to catch up to our fabulous past and take a lot of the discomfort out of delivering our beautiful and wonderful babies?


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