We are at the end of this “Civilization” and nothing we do can stop its collapse. It may or may not comfort you to know that this has happened before and if we abandon the current plans to destroy the planet, it will happen over and over yet again. Civilizations rise and fall and presently, China and India are two civilizations on the rise. They are just two current examples.

Note that a movie called “The Fall Of The Roman Empire” details almost exactly what is happening to us right now in this country, even though it was made in 1964. The three hour movie is free. This link will take you to it:

When I was a teenager and living in my mother’s house with my brother, we talked about many, many things. I predicted that all cars would eventually start to look the same. We could not continue the wild designs of the 1950’s because gas prices forced us to look for more efficient ways to cut through the air so we could burn less gas. I told my brother that this came from the study of ballistics that I was engaged in. There is only one “best” design for a bullet. Of course, I had a lot to learn. I was only about seventeen or eighteen at the time. My brother reminded me of my prediction when it became true some years later.

Another prediction I made was that this American “Civilization” was weakening and would soon collapse. I don’t remember my reasoning but I predicted that American Latinos would take over. I thought that they were in the best position and would not face as much savage resistance as African Americans would. I could not foresee that European Americans would become more civilized. At that time, Black people were facing brutal people like Bull Connor, The White Citizens Council and bullies like J. Edgar Hoover. They attacked from different directions and used different tactics but their evil ruthlessness and their goals were exactly the same. Today, for the most part, our enemies use laws and the courts trying to pull us backwards to destroy any progress they think we have made. They can’t see that what they do appears to the world to be much the same as what Bull Connor did and his tactics broke the backs of many White Citizens Councils. The same thing could happen again this time around.

It might help to note that The Republican Party is speeding up the collapse and as we discuss the movie I think you will see that they are the force that is carrying out the same policies that destroyed Rome while they are also trying actively to create new policy. But unlike Rome in the movie, they started by attacking their home planet and its population. They have and are cutting Food Stamps aka SNAP while at the same time destroying the nation’s Health Care systems. It’s hard to keep starving people healthy even if they have good health care. They are starting or creating Trade Wars through the imposition of tariffs. They are attempting to drain away the entire money supply to off shore accounts. They have made it possible to buy politicians to end democracy and to control or destroy the courts. They are stopping the people from organizing by attacking unions, the free press and on and on. Some people say that if the current Republican administration is given eight years in power, we might not be able to recover. Can you recognize this as the end of a “Civilization” as we have come to know it?

So now, let’s talk about the film. The stars of this movie include Sofia Loren and Stephen Boyd.  I think the movie is spectacular! I had forgotten what some of these not so old films were like. It was made before computer graphics that could create huge crowds on the screen almost for free. The cost of so many real people with their arms & armor along with armored horses and support staff must have been staggering – not to mention the cost of the sets. The sweeping panoramas that were created are very impressive!

The historical plot in this movie is as follows: The Emperor thinks he is on the verge of world peace, at least in the known world and he wants to extend Roman citizenship to everyone. The Senate very much opposes it. Does this sound a little like stopping immigration?

He is poisoned by his son’s supporters (from the senate?) who don’t want the Emperor’s choice to succeed him. The Emperors own people plotted his death. Sounds a little bit like treason?

Now, his chosen successor must step aside and the son becomes Emperor who then starts the process of undoing all of his father’s many accomplishments. His first move is putting his foot on the necks of the Provinces and while hurting them, he demands loyalty. You can’t be surprised that they resisted.

A major crisis soon arises and he strips Rome of its gold to bribe the military for support. Also, he announces that he is now a god. This reminds me of the recent “Tax Cuts” which strips the working people of their “ gold”.  Oddly, some people start to worship him as if they were part of a cult.

The army is now in power and politicians offer some of the generals millions of “Dinars” to make them the Emperor. At the time, 3,000 Dinars was an extreme amount for any one man to have, but anyone put into the position of Emperor would rule the known world. Millions of Dinars seems a fair payment.

The film states that the buying and selling of political offices marks the beginning of the Fall Of The Roman Empire.

As the movie ends in turmoil, a voice-over announces: “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.”

So I will end with this: A prominent American in power recently said that it is not tampering and destroying the vote but African Americans that is the cause of the current problems. I think we can see now how much of a lie this was and is. President Obama on this continent and President Mandela on the other side of the world rose to power around the same time. Perhaps it is possible to see in them what rule under the Ancient Egyptian Pharoahs might have been like. Taking the long view, as we sink lower and lower people will have to eventually abandon what we all know is not working. We might be the last thing they will turn to but at least they know that what we do works.

Egypt is African. Just look at any map if you don’t understand this yet. Many Pharoahs had skin that was like black velvet. Change has come through invasions started long ago. Egypt was the biggest and richest prize in the world at that time. And no civilization lasts forever.

Maybe we should thank God that we will have people who, as the Egyptians always said, have millions of years of experience to guide us, not just thousands as some of our recent leaders have always claimed. We are not causing the collapse, we just have to be here to as the popular R&B song said: “Pick Up The Pieces”. Our homes and families are at stake so we must and will do our duty to protect them. We will put the pieces back together but do it in a way that might last yet another million years. We have done it before, many, many times.

Up on the dark side of the moon, according to NASA is a two or three mile long crash landed space ship with two women with locks (Egyptian Dread Locks) at the controls. And they are said to have been up there for millions of years. (To see them, type “Black Women on the Moon” into your search engines.) So who is going to try to say that we can’t do it again and again and again?



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