AG Urgent Care is Community Based Care


After seeing a fair share of gun and stab wounds and heart attacks in the emergency room over 18 years, certified physician assistant Timothy Sutton decided it was a time to act on his desire to open a community based medical center.

Enter his colleagues from the emergency room Nigel Alves and Cecil Dollison, also physician assistants and AG Urgent Care was born in 2015. AG Urgent Care which stands for Ameri Health Group, now has a total of six locations across Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens.

“Our goal is to serve the greater community at large…Nobody’s gonna care for the community better than someone that comes from the community. That’s my belief… If I’m not doing the right thing, people are gonna go ‘that’s him, he’s not doing what he’s supposed to do,'” said Sutton who is from and lives in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn.

Similar to a primary care medical office, AG Urgent Care Services will take care of a patient’s  lacerations, set broken bones, prescribe medications, perform basic physical exams in addition to managing blood pressure, diabetes, and other diseases.

“Your gonna get the same care. The same treatment [but] less waiting time. It’s just more convenient… You can come here for anything that is not going to kill you like a runny nose, a cold or back pain.”

Sutton believes the makeup of the AG Urgent Care’s staff has a great impact on the care they deliver.

“We’re Haitian, we’re Jamaican, Black American, Panamanian. The people that we serve come from those same communities. I can speak to you and you understand what I’m saying. Somebody who’s living someplace else and coming to work in a community like this. Are they really in tune?

“I have no choice but to be in tune with what’s going on in the community… We’re held at a different standard then someone who doesn’t live in the neighborhood. Because somebody that doesn’t live in the community can go home. The community I’m working in is my home” he said.

Sutton graduated from the Sophie Davis School of Medicine in New York City with his master’s degree in physician assistant studies in 1995. The school is now known as The City College of New York.

After graduation, he trained with the Bedford-Stuyvesant Volunteer Ambulance Corps and became the organization’s first Emergency Medical Technician [EMT.] Then Sutton opened three private practices in Bedford Stuyvesant. This was followed by working in Emergency rooms at Brookdale and Wyckoff Hospitals.  Eventually, he opened AG Urgent Care with his colleagues and a medical doctor whose name he did not want to disclose.

“We really care about the people who we’re caring for. Its puts us in a different position. I get gratification from making money, but I also get gratification from when I see someone in the supermarket and they say “How you doing? I’m feeling better. Thank you.”

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