An Abomination!  Alabama Republicans have just recently passed the most restrictive Anti-Abortion laws in the nation, if not the world. Women have been protected country-wide under Roe v. Wade which has been considered “Settled Law”. Since it has been in effect for about fifty years, it should have been left alone. Politicians should find new laws to enact – against someone or something else. But No! These men can’t do that. But they are not alone in this. Alabama’s governor, a female, Kay Ivey, supports this and signed it into law, even though A Gallup Poll shows that about 80% of the voting public support abortion. World-wide, 74 countries allow abortion without restrictions = which is about 60%. (Source: Jamie Todd-Gher, Legal Adviser with Amnesty International.)

We have seen that White women are self destructive. They voted against one of their own by 53% for the presidency by choosing Trump who just about swore to revoke Roe v. Wade. Somehow, when by population, women outnumber men, a Republican woman who most people who thought would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade gets elected as Governor. How could this happen? She then signs this legislation into law. It seems that White women have voted themselves into the hell most of them actually wanted. Now, they are protesting. Talk about being conflicted??

What good is Democracy when voters are anxious to turn it into a noose they stick their own necks into? Still, it’s better than the alternative! It’s easier to fix than if someone else had made the noose. It seems that only 6% of Black women voted for Trump. So they are not in the “make your own noose business” thank God. Unfortunately, White women have dragged their Black Sisters into this hell with them. Perhaps only Black women will want to get out. What will become of all women after this? It is predicted that a trend has been started that may spread to all fifty states with the help of the Supreme Court!  It might be that only Black women can save us since they had so little to do with getting women into this situation. They have a different point of view but White women have them outnumbered, and the majority of white women have shown that they truly don’t want to be free and independent.

But please do feel free to remember what it was like before safe legal abortions were available. Women probably went to a midwife who for a fee of course, would relieve them of their pregnancy. For those who might not have had access to the necessary funding, self induced abortions were very often attempted. These were usually called “coat hanger” abortions where a wire coat hanger was twisted into a shape, perhaps a loop that could be used to scrape the uterus and detach the fetus. This could lead to infections and possibly death but women were willing to risk this and some might return to this dangerous method. Other ways are available of course, like the use of abortion inducing drugs which would then probably be used without a doctor’s supervision.

The proven savagery and hatred of women evidenced by this legislation could have far reaching consequences even into the future if forced on women for only a short period of time. Republicans plan to force to term children created not only by rape but by incest as well. Most women have enough trouble with rape by a stranger and are even less able to deal with rape by a father, stepfather or another close relative even under long periods of therapy. They can be far too traumatized and damaged. Also meshed in with this is the problem of genetic mutation. Deformities can not only show up in the immediate offspring, but also further down the line and sometimes can never be corrected. Incest, also known as “inbreeding” is easily avoided. Simply don’t have sex with anyone related to you in any way. For more information on the consequences of incest, clink on the link below:

Remember: This vote was by older Alabama white men only and twenty-five of them voted for it, but only six were against it and the harm it will cause. The “force of law” means that the control of women’s bodies will be mostly by armed men. Will female officers use guns to force their sister’s compliance with this law? Perhaps these “too weak to co-exist with women” men are hoping that women will collapse under this pressure. They have collapsed before. You can see this in old or vintage movies where women had “fainting spells” whenever anything happened that “overwhelmed?” them.

One of the things that lead to the strength of this country is the constant supply of “fresh blood”, meaning different peoples and bloodlines. The vigor of our population diminishes as our fresh blood is reduced. Republicans won’t like me pointing this out, but crossing borders, among other things, keep us vigorously healthy. The policy of no exceptions not even for rape or incest, not even for children can lead to the mental destruction of a lot of women.  Incest can and does create deformity, both physical and mental and twenty-five evil White men voted to do all of this destruction. Only six of them voted “No”. And the doctors whose job it is to protect and fight for our health, if we can only keep our healthcare available to us might end up with sentences longer than convicted rapists. Do we really need to lock up the people whose job it is to keep us alive and healthy? No health care and fewer doctors? A Republican dream coming true! Maybe we can go back to book burning as well. Obviously, nationwide protests are being scheduled as women try to figure out what they want.



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