Trump Is World’s Most Ignorant President — His Africa Slur Must Unite Us All into Positive Actions



Donald Trump is an ignorant racist.

We don’t like harshly insulting people but when someone asks for it all the time and deserves it — they will get. Trump is trying to divert attention from the new book “Fire and Fury.”

Racist most ignorant President in the world

The book confirms what the whole world already knew. Trump is not up to the task of being President of the United States of America. His wife Melania reportedly wept in terror when her conman husband actually fooled enough voters into electing him president.

Melania felt sorry for Americans and the world.

Not even Trump or his top advisors thought he could be elected, yet he did win enough Electors. Of course, Hillary Clinton, another very flawed candidate –she was instrumental in pushing for the NATO war that destroyed Libya– beat Trump by nearly 3 million popular votes.

Abuja, the Nigerian capital. Far cry from the vision generated by Trump’s perverted mind. Photo: Flickr

It’s been widely reported that Trump can’t read properly and has problems with comprehension. He has no core beliefs. He is one of the most ignorant presidents in the entire world and in all the history of presidencies.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that one of his lawyers paid off a porn movie actress $130,000 not to go public about an alleged sexual encounter Trump had with her in 2006.

All his life Trump’s been spoon fed everything starting with his late wealthy father who was arrested at a K.K.K. rally in 1927.  In their real estate business Trump and his father refused to rent any of their apartments to Black families. Trump launched his campaign by calling Mexican immigrants “rapists,” “murderers,” and “drug dealers.” He insulted Haitians by saying they all have AIDS and said Nigerians once they reach the U.S. would never want to return to their “huts.”

Trump once took out advertisements in New York’s daily newspapers demanding for a return of the death penalty so the five young men–Blacks and a latino– wrongfully accused of raping a White jogger in Central Park could be executed. Later, even after the so-called Central Park 5 were exonerated with DNA evidence after they had already served long prison sentences, Trump continued to attack them.

The foul-mouthed racist is an inadequate individual who is not smart enough to address serious issues. He’s constantly creating diversions in order to avoid substantive conversations. He can’t articulate any of the challenges faced by this nation and offer coherent solutions.

That’s why he’s constantly barking “we’re gonna build that wall between the U.S. and Mexico.”

If he’s not calling Black athletes who protested racism by kneeling during the playing of the national anthem at NFL games sons of bitches, then he’s firing insults at Kim Jong-Un the leader of North Korea or engaging in foolish and reckless nuclear war threats.  If it’s not a verbal duel with Kim then he’s trading barbs with the Iranian leadership or he’s threatening to invade Venezuela.

The responsibilities of President of the United States are heavy.

Trump isn’t up to the task. Insults and diversions are his way out. He will do this for the next three years unless of course, hopefully, he’s impeached and forced to resign.

No single day goes by without Trump spewing verbal diarrhea at someone or some country. One of his favorite targets is Barack Obama, the former president whom he resents tremendously because he’s Black –his father hailed from Kenya. Obama’s so much smarter than Trump.  Obama can school Trump on any topic in the world and can probably do a better job running Trump’s business empire.

Trump insulted women and boasted about sexually assaulting them by grabbing them by the “pussy.” He mimicked twitching motions to insult a disabled New York Times reporter.  He is a bully with fake hair and small hands.

Trump is an ungrateful human being. Were it not for the labor of enslaved Africans and the resources plundered from Africa the United States and Europe would not be the industrial powers that they are today. In this 21st century, Africa’s resources continues to fuel the factories in Europe and the United States creating wealth and prosperity at the expense of Africans who consume the manufactured Western products.

Haiti was the first Black republic in the world, having defeated Napoleon’s Grand army in a rebellion of enslaved Africans.

Trump is an enemy of people who fight against discrimination, exploitation and economic injustice everywhere.

His slur against African people and their descendants all over the world must motivate us to organize, mobilize and ensure that there’s never again a U.S. president such as Donald Trump elected.


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