Street Talk: Should Pot Be Legalized?


E. Harrison Gordon says Pot? No, way!

This week’s “Street Talk!” question involves the legalization of recreational marijuana. Should it be legalized or not. If you think it should be legalized, how should it be regulated? If not, why?

Without any hesitation, E. Harrison Gordon rejected the proposition outright and he had a memorable reason: “I do not think the use of marijuana or marijuana for recreational purposes should be allowed. My reason is that I am a Vietnam veteran. While mortar rounds were coming toward our camp, one of my buddies was lying upon a cot, high as a kite on marijuana. While the rests of us were jumping in bunkers, he was lying there high. A piece of shrapnel tore a hole in his skull about the size of a quarter. They put a metal plate inside his head and sent him back to the United States.”

A retired Registered Nurse who did not want to be identified had a thoughtful response: “I think recreational marijuana should be legalized. My initial thinking questions whether the liquor stores would be willing to take on this responsibility. And, if so, the number of vendors should be equal in each neighborhood. There should be a signed placed in the store window announcing the availability of recreational marijuana. The tax revenues generated should go to build homeless shelters and offer other types of assistance.”

Here’s the response we got from a construction worker who also preferred that his name not be used: “I believe this to be a two-part question, because one part automatically eliminates itself once you ask if recreational marijuana should be legal. Marijuana is a gateway drug, and people tend to abuse it, and it leads to harder drugs. The THC levels continue to rise. When you begin the downward spiral of mind altering substances, it becomes a euphoric escape for you, and you tend to look for things that bring euphoria. People who have eating disorders like to eat. People who have sexual dysfunctions find euphoria in sex and want to have sex all the time. People who find euphoria in electronic stimulants, they’re always in front of a T.V. or some type of electronic stimulant. The same goes for substance abuse which is under the umbrella of marijuana. They find euphoria in abusing marijuana.”

THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, is the chemical compound in cannabis responsible for a euphoric high.

Anthony “Proclaim” White

But Anthony “Proclaim” White, who is in the entertainment industry, believes Marijuana isn’t the worst thing in the market. “I think marijuana should be legalized because I think it’s a safer version of alcohol,” he said. “I think it should have the same regulations as alcohol. You can’t drink and drive, you can’t smoke and drive. For legal recreational purposes, I don’t see why it’s illegal. It’s a natural growing substance. Of course, it must be controlled. We can’t let it be abused.”

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