Street Talk: Readers Respond to “Will Trump Complete Four Years?”


Ms. Reed-Russian ties spell trouble

Question of The Week: This week’s question involves President Donald Trump. He’s had a rough two months. Do you think he’ll complete his presidential term? Why or why not?

Lauretta Clarrett, an outspoken event planner, doesn’t believe President Trump will complete his term because he’s in the pocket of Russia “and it’s going to be found out.” She added: “Plus, I think he has Alzheimer’s disease or dementia – one of the two. When are we going to call for impeachment?”

Lauretta Clarrett

Saying he wants to offer Trump an opportunity to show his humanity, Brooklyn community activist, Nana Tuffour, offered the president an olive branch. “He’s put his foot in his mouth many times, but I think he will do the four years under a lot of duress. He should make an apology to the Central Park 7. Admit he was wrong. He should say something even at this late date.

Nana Tuffour wants Trump apology for Central Park case

Everybody can make a mistake, but you should admit when you’re wrong and apologize. I think he’ll gain some Black support.”

Deborah Reed, a retired legal assistant, said, “If it’s based solely on his past performance and impulsive decisions, I would say he would be able to stay for four years unless he does something drastic.” What might that be? “For instance, his involvement with Russia. If they can find any concrete proof – this might be grounds for impeachment.”

Carlton Terry, a retired foreign service officer with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) offered a page from the nation’s history: “I am still stunned and numbed by  Donald Trump’s election in November 2016. Already the Trump administration is mired in controversy and growing scandals on numerous fronts. Trump will likely complete his first four years in office, but will be under a deep dark cloud for months and years to come.  One major problem for him is the growing evidence of a Russian connection in last November’s election which Trump and his aides appear to condone. If the dots are not connected, we will have an administration that will fumble through four years. If the dots are connected, the next four years will be reminiscent of the Nixon Watergate era.  And what is so sad about this nightmare is that growing buyer’s remorse cannot change the current situation.”

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