Street Talk: “Jeff Session’s A Racist” Says New Yorker Furious at Decision not to Investigate Police Departments


Trump attorney general Sessions. Photo Wikipedia

[Street Talk]

Question: The new Attorney General Jeff Sessions has decided that the Department of Justice will abandon the investigation of police departments around the country for police brutality and racism. He claims it ties the hands of police from doing their job effectively. What do you think?

“I disagree 100 percent. If you let these investigations close, these people would have died in vain,” said Edwin Perez, 32, from East New York, referring to past victims of police brutality. “And the cops will keep killing people. Jeff Sessions is racist for doing that.”

“I disagree because the police department is not being investigated properly by the local authorities,” said Donald Josephs, 43, an East Flatbush, New York, resident. “They are charged with crimes and nothing ever comes of it. They never get convicted. We need the federal government to do a proper investigation on them to find out what really happened. If the police know they won’t be investigated, they will do more wrong.”

A Queens, New York resident who would only give his name as Jermain M, had this to say: “When you are a police officer, you are cut from a different cloth. You choose to be responsible for other people. Criminals get three strikes for committing crimes. Police officers should get one strike when they get in trouble like that [excessive force.] The problem is the training. Third world cops get better training. They need more training. Until they have better training, the federal investigations should not stop.”

“Jeff Sessions should change his mind. They are not supposed to ban these investigations. There’s too much police abuse. If a cop does something to you and the local police won’t do anything about it, what are you supposed to do next? So, people get no justice? That’s what he’s saying?” said Tammy Brown, 34 of Mill Basin.


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