Stay Inspired with New “Jazzed About Success™” Mug


We all have dreams and goals and aspirations. Fortunately, some of us can develop a realistic game plan while others keep dreaming. Yet, even those with a tangible target can get sidetracked. But, what if you had a physical reminder to help you stay on track.

Well, Future Grace of Columbus, Ohio has found one solution. She recently purchased the “Jazzed About Success™” mug created by Empowerment coach and Motivational Speaker Jasmine Romaine.

“Sometimes you know that you need to do something, but you don’t it feel like. If you see a mug … that you’ve purchased, then it motivates you. It makes you think again about what your plans are, what you wanna do and it how you can focus on your goals again. If you’ve got something or someone that is constantly reminding you then you’ll keep going,” says Grace who is an Administrative Assistant.

According to a press release, Romaine wants the mug to help “create a movement [that will] inspire women to get Jazzed about Success™ and pursue their God given purpose whether it may be in their career and or life.”

Grace, 39, looks forward to filling the mug with her favorite beverages such as Green tea and Hot chocolate while she is in the process of creating a stationery line to be used for wedding invitations and graduation parties among other events.

“Everything is new and fresh now and I’ve had some setbacks in the past, but I’m motivated to finish my plans. I believe … having it [mug] and drinking from it will serve as a daily inspiration.”



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