Pure Evil Deeds: Sen. Rubio Has Been Destroying Obamacare Even Before Trump’s Election


A prominent Republican, Michael Steel who was the former RNC chair, said this on MSNBC the other day about Trumpcare: “Nobody has ever taken anything away from the American people, and they are not going to start now.”

Does this mean that Republicans will throw in the towel and that Obamacare, a.k.a. The Affordable Care Act, is safe? Does this mean that 23 million to 24 million Americans now have a chance to stay healthy and stay alive by keeping the healthcare coverage they would lose under Trumpcare, a.k.a. the American Healthcare Act?

Has this mass murder been avoided?  The fact that Republican leaders have these fantasies about killing millions of people is nothing new.

The sad part is that Republican voters don’t want to put them out of office. They just want to direct the killing away from them personally; get rid of Obamacare and harm millions except us, your supporters. Their position seems to be: What you’re doing is O.K., just don’t do it to us, we’re your base.

Can Trump kill Obamacare without killing his own supporters? Can Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) stop trying to choke the life out of Obamacare even though Florida has one of the highest populations of senior citizens who will need care the most? After Rubio’s antics were made public, people saw what was being done. He was attacking what is called health corridors which controls funding to the insurance companies under certain conditions.

When the healthcare law started it required insurance companies to sell policies to everyone; even sick people with pre-existing conditions. These companies were caught in what they thought was a trick bag. They didn’t know how much to charge in premiums to cover expenses for these tough new policies. If they followed the law, they might go out of business. The solution was for the government to set up a three year period, from 2014 through 2016, where they would be made whole for any financial losses that were incurred. This was tagged with the name: health corridors — or risk corridors.

Sen. Rubio decided to call this part of the program a “bailout” and decided to destroy it knowing that if he was successful, insurance companies themselves would bail out. As early as 2013, he introduced a bill in the Senate to repeal this part of the law and the Republican-dominated senate immediately made it law. This would help them to repeal the entire law which they had actually been practicing in the Senate, like children, over and over again for seven years.

Rubio’s action has led to some insurers leaving the marketplace and some companies collapsing altogether. He started to crow that his actions will be a big part of ending Obamacare for good.

But he seems to be overlooking a few things. Number One: Most Americans don’t want Obamacare destroyed. They want it fixed; to undo what Rubio and some of his cohorts have done. Number Two: Insurance companies can sue the government for breach of contract. An Oregon insurance company filed a suit already for $5 billion.
Again, as I said earlier, Republicans cannot help themselves. The desire to destroy lives and anything else they can get their hands on is something they can’t help and can’t stop. Remember, these are the
same people who want to kill Big Bird who teaches children on T.V.

Even Republican Michael Steele thinks it’s a bad idea to take away people’s coverage. Photo Gage Skidmore. Flickr
They want to end Meals on Wheels which is largely a volunteer organization that makes sure that the elderly and shut-ins don’t go hungry – that they have some human contact on a regular basis. They
don’t hide the evil that they do and want to do.
The Trump budget would cut $193 billion in SNAP benefits a.k.a. Food Stamps. It’s very sad that these basically evil people with such horrible desires can find so much support that they can control both Houses of Congress and the White House. America has become openly-evil again, due to their leaders being able to choose their voters instead of the other way around.
Gerrymandering, voter-restrictions and other tricks make it possible for a minority to be able to gain all the power they need to end democracy and decency in America.
For them, it’s full speed ahead. They are not yet finished with their work. Regardless of Michael Steel’s statement on MSNBC, Rubio and his cohorts are planning different methods to yet again stop payments that are due, by law, to insurance companies.
Because of Rubio’s efforts, the administration will only pay 13% of what the insurance companies are expecting at the end of this month. If again, he has his way, more insurance companies will quit the Affordable Care Act and Rubio will start crowing again.
I don’t think Sen. Rubio and his cohorts will stop until he sees blood flowing. This from a wealthy man who as a senator has one of the best healthcare and medical coverage in the world.


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