Petition Demands End To U.S.-Sponsor of African Terrorist, Gen. Museveni


Gen. Museveni–familiar salute?

[Editorial Comment]

The United States is a major sponsor of terror in Africa by subsidizing the regime of Gen. Yoweri Museveni who is one of the most ruthless dictators in Africa with about $750 million in U.S. taxpayer’s money, annually.

This money could be used to sponsor development in other African countries that are peaceful with accountable elected governments such as those of Tanzania, Botswana, Senegal, or Ghana.

Instead the U.S. subsidizes Gen. Museveni who has no regard for the lives of African civilians and who has been dictator of Uganda since Ronald Reagan was president of this country.

Reagan with dictator Museveni
  1. Gen. Museveni’s been responsible for the deaths of more than one million of his own citizens as documented in the new film, “A Brilliant Genocide” — most recent killings were in Rwenzururu — he’s also been directly instrumental in the deaths of millions of Africans in Rwanda, in Congo, and in South Sudan.
George W. Bush with Museveni

Museveni has been a U.S. agent for over three decades. The U.S. provides blank-check support to Gen. Museveni –regardless of the cost in the lives of innocent Africans– because he allows American troops to operate freely in the East and Central Africa region and his own army acts on behalf of Washington by policing Somalia against radical extremists.

Here’s the breakdown of regional massive bloodshed and colossal destruction by Gen. Museveni who has been supported with financing for his budget and his military –arms and training– by every U.S. administration since 1986 when he seized power.

The Clintons with dictator Museveni

1. In 1990 Gen. Museveni’s army invaded Rwanda; the war lasted for four years, then in 1994 when Rwanda’s president Juvenal Habyarimana was assassinated the violence turned into apocalyptic massacres of Tutsis and Hutus.

2. In 1997 Museveni’s army invaded Congo and again in 1998, primarily to plunder from resource-rich Congo. The multiple invasions created a cycle of continuing conflict that’s already claimed the lives of over six million Congolese. In 2005 the World Court ordered Uganda to pay Congo $10 billion as reparations for the atrocities and plunder. The monies have not been paid.

Gen. Museveni with President Obama

3. In December 2013, instead of mediation, Gen. Museveni’s army intervened in South Sudan’s civil war on the side of President Salva Kiir against Vice President Riek Machar. That four-year conflict has now escalated into genocidal killings in that country which is barely six years old.

Please sign the Petition demanding that the U.S. government stop sponsoring terror in Africa and to cut off financial and military support for dictator Museveni.



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