Nero Fiddles While California Burns


This patriarchal civilization is ending much the same way as Ancient Rome did. I have nothing against Italians. I had a lot of fun with them as I grew up in Brooklyn. And the Mafia guys on the other side of the highway said they wanted respect and I gave it to them because they respected me. What could be better? If you don’t yet understand that this “civilization” is on its last legs, read my article published here called “Again, A Civilization Falls”.

It does hurt me to see California in flames and I wish I could stop it, but I can’t. One person in a position to do something about it is laughing out loud (LOL) at the States misfortune. He wants to “help” them by cutting off their funding when they need it the most. No surprise that the world is laughing at him. Next, I guess, they will say they pity us. How much further down do we need to be dragged by this Administration?  I think maybe we might need a little Black Girl Magic (BGM?) to save the day. Even though White women seemed to finally vote against Trump who is always voting against them, they still support many of the politicians that form his political base.

A recent post election analysis by Princeton Professor Eddie Glaude on MSNBC said that White women voted Republican: 76% for Brian Kemp against a Black female in Georgia – Stacy Abrams, 51% for Ron DeSantis against African American Andrew Gillum in Florida, 59% for one of the meanest and most hated men in politics, Ted Cruz in Texas, and voted for Chris Collins who has been indicted for insider trading.  They also voted for Duncan Hunter, who is under federal indictment on charges of fraud and campaign finance where he has blamed his wife, throwing her under the bus. Are these women haters and political criminals tuning up Trumps violin so that like Nero, he can play his unholy tunes while large parts of the country literally go up in flames?

If White women can’t protect us and themselves from all of these known evil, and destructive Republicans, maybe we should all just demand that Black women, who are attaining a reputation for quiet levelheadedness, be asked to ride in to rescue us. Can they call again on their Ancient Egyptian roots that have helped to build successful and prosperous civilizations for millions of years?  Maybe they have some Black Girl Magic left and can put out these CA fires. After all, according to NASA, they piloted a two or three mile long spaceship to the dark side of the moon. Smothering those flames should be easy for them. I have some firefighters in my family who just might want to volunteer.


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