Nambooze, Uganda’s Courageous Liberation Fighter, Visits US To Expose Brutal Dictator Museveni


A courageous woman named Betty Nambooze is currently visiting the United States to meet with American officials and to address the Ugandan Diaspora community. She’s a member of Parliament in Uganda, which would be the equivalence of a U.S. Senator here in this country.

Nambooze is semi-paralyzed, in constant pain, and leans heavily on a cane. Her spine was cracked and is now held together with screws when U.S.-backed dictator Gen. Yoweri Museveni’s thugs attacked her on the floors of Uganda’s Parliament in September, 2017.

Nambooze shown with Ugandan U.S.-based academic and activist Arao Ameny

What was her crime?

She was one of a handful of members of Parliament who resisted Gen. Museveni’s maneuver to become life-dictator in Uganda. The dictator had one of his supplicants in Parliament introduce a bill to remove age-limits from the constitution. The country’s constitution barred anyone aged 75 and above from running for president.

The corrupt dictator Museveni, who’s been in power for 33 years now, and together with his family stolen billions of dollars from the state, knew he wouldn’t be able to run for president in 2021 because he’d officially be older than 75.

Nambooze and other lawmakers, including Bobi Wine –whose name is much better known since he survived an attempt by Museveni to kill him in August 2018— filibustered the bill. So Museveni had his insecurity agents dressed in business suits raid the floors of Parliament and physically assault the lawmakers who dared stand up to Museveni.

Even though the attack went viral on YouTube, it was erroneously reported as an incident involving unruly lawmakers fighting on the floors of Uganda’s Parliament. No, it was attack on lawmakers trying to prevent dictator Museveni from killing the constitution by removing the age-limit, which was the only remaining obstacle to his life-presidency design. He had already removed presidential term-limits from the constitution in 2005.

The attack was also a desecration of Parliament, the nation’s primary lawmaking institution.

Yet this is nothing new to the Ugandan dictator whose militarism has caused untold deaths in Uganda and through military invasions in neighboring countries, including Rwanda in 1990, leading to the 1994 genocidal killings, the Congo multiple times since 1997, and South Sudan in 2013.

Museveni has been able to get away with the crimes against humanity domestically and the war crimes regionally because he’s been a reliable U.S. puppet dictator, much like Mobutu was from 1960 until his overthrow 37 years later. Museveni has stationed Ugandan soldiers to help police Somalia which the U.S. fears would become haven for radical Islam for over a decade. As a result the U.S. turns a blind eye to his crimes.

But every dictatorship has its limit. Mobutu was ultimately overthrown. In Algeria Abdelaziz Bouteflika was ultimately tossed out as was Omar Bashir in the Sudan, where the struggle continues.

So will it happen in Uganda.

Betty Nambooze is one of the many Ugandans on the frontline. A courageous warrior member of Parliament who has stood up to Uganda’s cowardly dictator.

Yes, any supposed man who orders a vicious and life-crippling attack on a woman in an attempt to silence her is indeed a coward.

In the end Museveni will be out and the youth shall seize the mantle in Uganda.

Betty Nambooze is part of that struggle to create a better Uganda freed from U.S.-backed tyranny.



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