For His Peace Efforts In Sudan and Ethiopia, PM Abiy Ahmed is Nobel Peace Prize Worthy

Prime Minister Abiy, peace negotiator

The African Union (AU) and Ethiopia’s prime minister must be congratulated for mediating and facilitating a power-sharing agreement to the Sudan political crisis that has been accepted by the leadership of the pro-democracy movement in that country which is currently in the midst of upheaval following the ouster on April 11, 2019 of long-time dictator Gen. Omar Hassan al-Bashir.

Congratulations to the pro-democracy protesters for their vigilance and determination throughout their ongoing struggle for change even after the violent and bloody June 3, 2019 attack against these unarmed civilians by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) under the command of Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, the second most senior officer on the junta. PAUD joins the calls by the protest leadership, the AU, and the United Nations for an independent investigation into the atrocities so that those responsible can be brought to account.

The exceptional role played by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in helping to resolve the Sudan crisis must be recognized. For his efforts in Sudan and in his native Ethiopia to reconcile simmering political divisions due to past authoritarian regimes, he is a stellar candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

All friends of Sudan and of Africa, including in the Diaspora, must closely monitor the implementation of the power-sharing agreement in the Sudan to ensure that the military does not pull off any dirty tricks. The Trump administration must restrain its ally Saudi Arabia which has reportedly been promoting intransigence by the the military junta by promising $3 billion in financing, to stop interfering in the Sudan peace process.

The Sudan is located in a politically volatile region and any escalation of violence would further destabilize Sudan and its neighbors.




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