From left to right: Bob Myers, Stanley Banks, Clarence Mosely, Bessie Edwards, Gerry Eastman, Garland Core, Jr., Michael Howard, Steve Cromity.

Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium (“CBJC”) members announced at this past Saturday’s press conference held at the Williamsburg Music Center (“WMC”), the launching of its 19th Annual Central Brooklyn Jazz Festival, beginning April 13th.  Charter member “Jazz 966” kicks off this edition’s 31 day – 53 event extravaganza highlighted by Jazz: The Women’s Viewpoint at Lafayette Presbyterian Church, and the Brooklyn Jazz Hall of Fame Ceremony held at Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration’s Bill Holiday Theatre.

Nestled beneath the shadows of the Williamsburg Bridge, the WMC, a cozy railroad flat venue owned and operated by guitarist/bassist Gerry Eastman, hosted a discussion between attendees, press and CBJC board members.

Launching Jazz Festival

The message sent by board member Clarence Mosley and communications director Bob Myers was that 19 years is difficult to sustain.  It’s harder to raise funds, to duplicate the efforts of CBJC’s founders who’ve made their transition, as mentioned by Eastman when quoting the late vocalist/organizer Torrie McCartney, her dreams of a neighborhood jazz community crusade.

Consortium treasurer, Bessie Edwards, described Jazz: The Women’s Viewpoint, and the featured panel of speakers.

Invocation was conducted by ecumenical committee chair and vocalist Steve Cromity.

Handouts were provided detailing the total Jazz Festival calendar from April 13th, which contains the newly designed website www.CentralBrooklynJazz.org.

For ticket, contact www.CentralBrooklynJazz.org.  For information, call 718-773-2252, ext. 103 or Email: comm@cbjcjazz.org.


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