Bill Murawski for Mayor of NYC

I’m a Television Producer for a cable network in New York City. For fifteen years, I’ve worked there with Bill Murawski who produces shows as I do to air on Manhattan Neighborhood Network, usually referred to as MNN. Bill had his own show called the “DeWitt Clinton Express, A Neighborhood News Program”.  I am a still photographer as well and I often shoot photos that Bill publishes in his newspaper called the DeWitt Clinton Express.

Several years ago, Bill ran for Governor of The State of New York. I worked with him on this campaign. This was one of the many elections he entered to establish paper ballots in the State of New York. And now Bill says he wants to run for Mayor of New York City and has asked me to work with him again. Of course, I said yes.

He’s a native New Yorker, while I’ve only been here since I was enrolled in a Brooklyn Public School and then into the first grade. I have lived here since then.  I’ve worked with him a long time and sometimes we have conversations about different stuff, often very political.

We never had time to discuss all of Bill’s ideas so I was a bit surprise by the range of some of the things he has presented in his platform. He is running as a Democrat and has published this platform in the June 10th 2017 issue of his newspaper. Here is a brief summary of what he wants to accomplish:

1.      Establish satellite offices in each borough with the technology that allows improved accountability of all city agencies. Any complaint to a city agency must be taken care of within thirty days or one of the satellite agencies must investigate.

2.      Except for Police, Fire and Sanitation, all commissioners of offices under Mayoral control will be asked to resign. Slots will then be filled from within.

3.      Promotion from within: There will be no political appointments. If someone can’t be found within an agency, application for the position will be based on interviews to be determined using resumes received from the public at large.

4.      Leading edge technology companies will be asked to co-ordinate with the City to make certain that all are pulling and pushing in the same positive and co-ordinated direction.

5.      New York City will lead the nation when it creates the Mayor’s Office of Primary Needs.
This office will directly address the needs of the Homeless and will involve itself in the areas of Education, Housing and Employment.

6.      The New York City Housing Authority has long been used as a patronage mill for politicians. In 1993 NYCHA had three board members, now it has seven. Only three will remain under the Murawski administration and the savings will be directed to repairs and maintenance of NYCHA buildings and apartments.

7.      Those agencies seen as redundant will be merged and those seen as useless will be eliminated. No one will lose their jobs as there is enough work for everyone to once again make New York City the greatest city in the world.

8.      In 1931 the Children’s School Farm Garden was eliminated from DeWitt Clinton Park and we will be reestablished to promote organic gardening in neighborhoods across the city. In addition, Enzo’s Horse Farm will also be established at the park. Carriage horses will be welcomed. They may be used as therapy animals and to give rides to children. This will prevent having to ship the animals out of the city for their five week vacation.

9.      The Real Estate industry is out of control. Corruption aids and abets its thirst to make the city a one-city population of the rich. Each and every time an inspector is dispatched from any city agency based upon a complaint made by a resident, a police officer from the closest NYPD precinct will be in attendance with the inspector to prevent any type of corruption.

10.  The current City government of 51 city council members and 59 community boards replaced the Board of Estimate as it was declared unconstitutional in Federal Court in 1989. Although the idea of community boards was a good one it has become contemptuous and is believed to be unconstitutional. We will streamline city government by eliminating the borough presidents and community boards and replacing them with four paid elected officials. Each of them will be responsible for a specific geographical area within a district. The duties of the Borough President will be replaced by the City Council member who receives the most votes of all city council elections in each borough.

11.  Commercial tenant protection will be sought through Albany to slow down the effects of gentrification projects. When a long term commercial tenant cannot afford a new lease, the commercial property becomes vacant and city, state and federal taxes paid by the original tenant are lost until a new tenant is found.

12.  Real Estate taxes will be reviewed and adjusted equally for all property owners throughout the city.

13.  Gracie Mansion will not be used as the mayor’s residence and will be used to host fundraisers for qualified not-for-profit corporations headquartered in the City of New York.

14.  Immigration, citizenship and having a voice in what goes on where you live all go hand in hand. If an immigrant has been living in New York City for five years or more and can prove it with documentation, that immigrant should be provided the status of A Citizen of the City of New York and will have voting rights in the City. After all, the spark that lit the American Revolution was taxation without representation.

15.  Public grammar schools will be provided funding for art, music and science programs.

16.  In cooperation with the Police Athletic League (PAL) a city wide baseball league for students in all grammar schools will be established.

17.  To read Bill’s platform and much more, his website is: www.BillMurawski.com This will be up and operating as of July 4, 2017.


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