Vanderveer Park United Methodist Church

I was raised in the church. I think I went to Sunday School before I started First Grade. It’s all a little fuzzy in my mind because it happened such a long time ago, like maybe around 1950. My church was really my kindergarten. I have always liked school, but I needed more than what I was being taught there.

So after many years, and as I got older, I started to ask questions about the church but found that I couldn’t get all  the answers I needed, so I started going to other types. I attended Catholic churches and was even a pall bearer in a funeral. I went to Synagogues and their weddings intrigued me. The service included instructions on the proper way to create and raise your family.

As I was becoming a professional videographer, I was hired to record a Bar-Mitzvah and much later, a type of Jewish party where I had never seen adults acting this way. It was a bit wild but a lot of fun. I still don’t really know what I witnessed but I got it all on tape and I was well paid.

I spent at least five years and probably more as a Buddhist which I had to do for business reasons. I did not feel comfortable in this “Practice” but I joined to get back on my feet and get back to making money which I did.

As time went on, however, I started to miss the feeling of having a “Church Home”.  I was raised a Baptist and I let a few friends know that I was actively looking for a “Home”.  It turned out that the first church I went to was The Vanderveer Park United Methodist Church in Brooklyn.
I won’t go into the details, but I felt drawn into the church, as if the church was putting its arms around me. It felt good so I went along with it.  It’s different from a Baptist church, but not all that different, plus I like the family that one day, soon after, invited me to join. So I did.

This church is 117 years old. They claim to be the “Church of the Friendly Spirit” and they are telling the truth.  I have accepted this as my new “Church Home” and lots of new things are happening that I am very, very willing to support. First, the church is opening a Gaming Academy which will teach coding for video games. It’s being set up by Joe Saulter from Atlanta, Georgia. I have a history of programming IBM mainframe computers, among other things. I might be able to help.

Next, an Investment Club will be created and mentored by people from Wall Street. I used to work in the Wall Street area and I was a witness to the 9/11 attack and I was also involved in the clean-up. And I founded the Osiris Credit Union, now unfortunately defunct. Small bankers trying to improve the Upper Harlem  neighborhoods were not tolerated.  Moving on.

A midweek motivational pod cast will soon be started. To subscribe, contact the church by
E-mail at: vanderveerpark@optonline.net.  We will soon have a Commuter’s Prayer Service for people on their way to work in the mornings. It will be in the form of a thirty minute prayer session.

I think you can see that the church’s plate will be full of tasty morsels for the betterment of the neighborhood. There is an outreach program that takes place on Friday nights at midnight. The pastor, with a crew of men from the church go to the streets to contact and support those who might be in need of assistance. These are things that will build our community and will eventually turn into jobs and much more to strengthen us and our families.

The address for the church is:  3114 Glenwood Road, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11210 . Take the #5 train to the last stop.



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