Donald J. Trump's Grandfather, 1887

Friedrich Trump, 1869 – 1918 was American Pres. Donald John Trump’s grandfather. He was born in Bavaria, Germany.  In 1877 he became an American Immigrant. When Friedrich’s father died from a long illness the family finances collapsed. His mother felt he should move elsewhere in an effort to improve the families financial situation. So he moved to another nearby country when he was still young to start training as a barber. He often worked seven days a week and was successful at his trade until he moved back to Kallstadt to start his own barber shop. He found that the town had too small a population for him to do well.

His mother, trying to avoid the military’s pressure on him to enlist then suggested that he move to the United States, which he did. The country at that time was open to Germans so he had no problems. Back home, in Germany, there were problems which, like his grandson many years later, he brought upon himself. Like his grandson, our President, he didn’t have the psychological fortitude required to serve in the military. It was said that at the age of sixteen, he departed his country secretly in order to avoid any possible complications. U.S. immigration records list his name as “Friedr. Trumpf” and his occupation as “none”. “Friedr Trumpf” was now an immigrant in America, the same kind of people Republicans are trying right now to keep out of our country. If they had put up barriers to stop certain immigrants back then, we probably would not have the current Trump Administration in power. Take that thought as you will. It seems that today, some lawmakers want immigrants to be well educated and maybe even own your own business to be allowed to emigrate into this country. Some see this proposal as a barrier.

Just for record, the Trump family name was spelled several ways in the past, including Drumb, Tromb, Tromp, Trum, Trumpff, Dromb and Trumpf. The Trumpf family did what other parts of the family did and they chose to drop the “f” changing their name to Trump. (You might find the interpretation of “trumpf” interesting as to what it can be translated into.)

At any rate, F. Trumpf sought residency in the United States. He landed in New York, was allowed to stay and went to live with his older sister, Katharina who had emigrated in1883. It seems that she had been an immigrant as well. Suppose she had been stopped?

He got a job right away as a barber and practiced his trade for about five or six years. In his spare time he was involved in the business world and was successful. In 1891 he moved to Seattle where as a businessman he become, among many other things, a real estate manager. He also got involved in the Klondike Gold Rush. It is said that he never prospected for gold but instead “mined the miners” by getting a plot of land in a shady land deal and put a building on it. He turned it into a restaurant and a boarding house, where part of the income came from providing private rooms for prostitutes. In spite of this or because of this he even once got himself elected as a “justice of the peace”.

Now successful, he returned to Germany and got married but there were still problems to be cleared up. One of them was that like his grandson, he had not served in the military and this government wasn’t as lenient as the American government. They stripped him of his Bavarian citizenship. He and his family then had to return to the United States, this time, settling on the West Coast. As far as I know, he never served to protect any country but like his grandson, took advantage of everything available, stuffing his pockets without taking any real risks. He was successful in the American real estate markets in Queens, New York and in 1892, he became an American citizen.

The question today is why Republicans now seem to hate immigrants even though their leader as well as all the rest of us except the indigenous American Indians came from another country. It’s like hating ourselves. We are a nation of immigrants and it seems that only Republicans want to change that honorable status. Why? You would think they would be leading the charge for more immigrants instead of fewer.

There is little doubt that Republicans are trying to do away with Democracy as we have always practiced it. They are selecting voters instead of having voters making the choice. They are destroying unions, and trying to muzzle the press, calling them the enemy. Another part of the plan is to move all of the money and jobs offshore so that Americans have to fight back from a position of poverty. The American public is helping them do it by continuing to elect Republicans nationwide. Obviously, the American public is not as smart as it needs to be.

I worked for many years in advertising where we get people to buy what they don’t necessarily need or want. Think about it. We seem to now have a Russian Mob Don as our leader. The only large group not falling for it at all is the African American community. I remember Don Trump from his dealings in New York where I was raised. There isn’t anything to like about him. Rep. Auntie Maxine Waters pretty much says it all when she states that she’s pretty much tired of Donald Trump and his “Kremlin Klan”. I think she speaks for most Black Americans. She also said that he was the most reprehensible man she ever met.

Also part of the attack on immigrants is the plan to deport American citizens known as Dreamers. There are about 800 thousand of them, born here and they know no other home. What kind of beasts would turn kids out into the cold, breaking up their families and possibly sending them to a country that doesn’t even speak English? Some Republicans are playing sadistic games with children who are fully American citizens. They are hiding stupid and almost useless pieces of paper from them except they have written some laws saying that although we can’t tell you from any other Americans by sight or sounds, we say you have to have this piece of paper to make you acceptable to us.

This reminds me of what was said about Clarence Thomas, a Republican, that he used Affirmative Action as his ladder to reach a seat on the Supreme Court. One of the first things he did was to pull the ladder up so that no-one else could use it. This is very similar to what Republicans are doing to the character of this country after they have committed every conceivable crime to take bloody possession of the continent.

They seem to be saying: Now, no-one else can become American and share in what we have stolen and killed to get. The inscription on the Statute of Liberty (aka The Statue of Liberty) says we are open to everyone but Republicans have made this out to be a lie. This should surprise no-one, as this is and probably always will be, a part of their character.




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