Tribute: Please Donate To Journalist Brother Don Rojas Fund-raiser as he Fights Cancer

Rojas, Allimadi, and Rev. Daughtry

I was honored to be one of several speakers who paid tribute to brother Don Rojas, one of the outstanding intellectual-journalist of this our 21st century, on Saturday May 11, 2019, at Rev. Herbert Daughtry’s House of the Lord Church in Brooklyn, a citadel for Global Black progressive activism.

As many of you know brother Rojas is in the fight of his life — battling aggressive cancer.

The brother has been visibly weakened and leaned heavily on his cane as he entered the church to rousing applause and cheers, and later at the very end of the evening’s ceremonies when he took the podium.

Sisters and brothers who came to pay tribute helped raise thousands of dollars for our warrior brother who is determined to beat the disease. My article on the evening’s events will appear later this week and include highlights from the remarks by dignitaries, friends, and supporters of brother Rojas.

This note is just to remind everyone to support the fund-raising campaign to help Don Rojas and his family cover some of the cost for the expensive treatment as some of its is not covered by insurance.

Some sisters and brothers donated $1,000 on the spot; some donated $500; and many others smaller amounts ranging from $50 to $100.

I went with several copies of my book “The Hearts of Darkness, How White Writers Created the Racist Image of Africa,” and reminded the guests that brother Rojas has engaged in the same battle I’ve been fighting for decades; deconstructing the history of racist depictions of African peoples in Western media and literature.

I invited the guests to purchase a copy of the book so I could donate all the proceeds to brother Rojas’s fund-raising for his healthcare. I’m happy to announce that after the evening’s presentations, sisters and brothers followed me to the basement and purchased $600 worth of my book — all the proceeds go to the fund-raising campaign.

All of you who couldn’t make it on Saturday, please visit the fund-raising campaign on GoFundMe and offer what you can.

Help brother Don Rojas win this battle for he can continue to empower our Pan African communities by Speaking Truth to Power.


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