President Obama

American history as it involves African Americans has been mostly hideous. We did not ask to be here. We were brought here against our will while having our language, history, culture and religions stripped violently from us. All of this was then replaced with lies, the most blatant and intentionally destructive lies ever told against any race of people including the things said about the people who were here when Europeans first arrived on this continent.

All of this was being done while our men, women and children were being raped desecrated and murdered as necessary so that Europeans could maintain control. Our free labor was used to build what has become a world power. Said another way, this country was built on the backs of slaves and these enslaved peoples including their descendents, if Americans continue to have their way, by law or custom can never be compensated for the labor so violently extracted from them. Then, adding insult to injury, the celebrated perpetrators of these vicious crimes against humanity issue portraits of themselves on the currency we all have to carry around in our pockets to obtain even the simplest of services.

What do we tell our children when they ask why they have to carry pictures of our rapists and murderers in their pockets? Do Jews in today’s Germany have to carry pictures of Hitler, Goering or Goebbels in their pockets? And if not, why not? Let’s have the United Nations pass and then enforce laws stating that from now and into the foreseeable future, all Europeans, especially to include Jews must carry their national currency inscribed with the pictures of famous or infamous Nazi’s on it. This should be easy, as the precedence for this can be found in the United States of America where the building that houses the United Nations is currently located.

So the attack continues as they say let’s not only destroy whatever accomplishments Africans have made from ancient history to today but let’s destroy any accomplishments made in the modern era no matter what the cost. Concerning ancient accomplishments, the Great Pyramids were built by Fourth Dynasty Egyptians, Fourth out of Thirty Egyptian Dynasties on the continent of Africa. Remember that a Dynasty is a Family of Kings. The Pyramids were built long before any Europeans ever set foot there. The first successful invasion of Egypt by non-Africans was around the Twelfth ending in Thirteenth Dynasty. They were the “Shepherd Kings” also called the “Hyksos” which might have had some Europeans included with them. But we were being told that Europeans built the Fourth Dynasty Pyramids using African slaves. Totally absurd.

President Obama

We have all seen that in the past, rulers of countries and nation states have often been those who could establish the largest death tolls. Obvious examples are not limited to: Genghis Kahn, Caesar, Chairman Mao, Hitler, Stalin, Tojo and on and on. It is my opinion that most senseless wars started by this country, at least recently have been started by Republicans. They tell enough lies that eventually get them enough support to start killing people.

Recent history tells us that President Eisenhower, at the time, a Four Star General during World War Two, said that after some battles it was possible to walk for hundreds of yards stepping only on dead and decaying flesh. The post war era was one of great advancement for those who were on the winning side. Eisenhower ran as a Republican and Republicans were satiated – they had fulfilled their blood lust to the point where they could start to create instead of destroy. And they did create. We got national or interstate highway systems, and we had unbelievable economic growth. I remember those times. Even as a Black man, because I had skills, I could go anywhere in the country and have a job the next day. Unfortunately, all of that is in the past. But this has put us at a point where Republican blood lust is again very high. They want to kill and destroy but unfortunately, the targets they are sighted on is us, the American people. For some reason, we are the only targets they seem to be able to find.

They see the chance to “kill two birds with one stone”. They want to destroy the signature achievement of President Obama, called the Affordable Health Care Act and this restriction allows them to use the lack of it to destroy the people he was trying to help – to kill hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans. They can’t let this opportunity pass them by. The added bonus will be the largest transfer of wealth from the working people of the United States over to the infamous “Two Percent”. This money will then be removed from circulation by being deposited overseas possibly to be used against us by foreign banks. Eventually, if they continue to have their way, all American currency will be offshore, and how much of it will wind up in Russian hands?

Is this is what Republicans have in store for us? They are turning the negative energy usually reserved for African American against themselves? Those who voted for Trump who was promising to do away with Health Care probably never thought that they would be the targets, that only people of color would be destroyed. Now to their surprise, they find that they are the targets. Things are going wild and it seems that it can’t be stopped? White America is now in its own gun sights.

As Chairman Stalin chirped as he murdered millions of his own people: “We are giddy with joy”. And I believe that if they can pull all this off, they destroy what an African American has achieved in the present and they get to accomplish what despots in the past have also accomplished. And Republicans will then be “Giddy with joy”.



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