I wrote an article titled “Why Bill M. Wants to Be NYC Mayor” dated July 17, 2017 that basically gave Bill Murawski’s  vision of the future of New York City. We usually call this a “Platform”.  Please feel free to check it out here.

Unfortunately I have some bad news to report. Bill was trapped in a fire in his apartment and he almost died. He is now in a Manhattan hospital burn unit preparing to undergo skin grafts as soon as he is stable enough. Firemen went through the locked door and some windows to reach and save him. By the time they got to him he was burned and blinded. His nose and lungs were filled with soot and he was barely breathing. My thanks to the New York City Fire Department for saving my friends life.

Bill said he now has a much better understanding of what blind people go through. He says the fire started in his kitchen but he does not know what caused it. We know that there was no smoke alarm installed and Bill thinks that it was removed by renovators some time back and they failed to replace it. We are waiting for the official report from the Fire Department.

After about three days his vision started to return thanks to the excellent medical treatment he has been receiving, but that treatment continues. While I was there, I saw a nurse putting drops in his eyes.
His hands and arms are still bandaged and some of his fingertips are blistered. He says his belly and other areas of his body were burned as well.

Members of his family and friends were at his side when I arrived. They had come from as far away as California to be with him. I’m sure we all wish him a full and a speedy recovery.



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