Mars Rover for the year 2020.

The destruction of the African family to which many Europeans have dedicated their lives has been stopped and reversed, except for those who choose to commit criminal acts. I have a large family now. I personally have extended family members that my family embraces as well. At the last reunion, it was stated that there were 400 of us. A couple of weeks ago, I was told that according to a family member who is keeping our records that there are now over 600 of us. We are in every State of the Union and we are in every industry, operating openly everywhere. We only had one criminal in the family as far as I know, and he straightened out when he got married. I love my family and have only met one member in my lifetime that I didn’t like.

I am a mathematician, among other things, who has worked briefly at Brookhaven National Labs in Long Island. A retired family member worked there also and the technology he helped to develop sent The Lunar Orbiter to circle the moon in preparation for the first manned landing. Of course, there are lots of African Americans working in the Space Industries, but it has been kept quiet for a very long time. The shrouds are slowly being pulled off and the evidence of our true history is starting to become visible again.

A recent movie released by 20th Century Fox entitled “Hidden Figures” tells the story of a group of African American women who worked for NASA as mathematicians in the 1960’s and later, much as my cousin did. They helped make it possible for this country, building on the rocket science provided by captured Germans after World War II, to send orbiters, probes and landers throughout our solar system. Almost everywhere NASA has sent its machines has yielded information that when taken as a sum indicates the prior existence of Egyptian civilizations almost everywhere in the local regions of our solar system.

The technology my cousin helped to develop sent orbiters to Mars and one of the photographs taken started people talking about “The Face On Mars”. Some NASA officials immediately tried to discredit the photo, calling it ”just a trick of light”. O.K., lets disregard the face. Instead, let’s talk about the three, four and five sided pyramids that are there. Let’s talk about the city that is there and the other evidences of a civilization that seem to be millions of years old. Remember that the Ancient Egyptians always spoke in terms of not thousands of years, but millions of years.

Mars sunset taken by the Rover, 2015.

Similar evidence of Egyptian civilizations exist elsewhere on the planet. One of the two Mars rovers is still operating and finding yet more African artifacts. If you want documentation on what I’ve just told you, go to the books and videos by Richard C. Hoagland. The book is “The Monuments of Mars” and in its 535 pages I think you will find enough information to cause the scales to fall from your eyes, if they haven’t already. He has a website: and I suggest you log on when you have a large block of free time.

Another thing I want to mention is “The Dark Side of the Moon”. This is not a reference to the song by the band “Pink Floyd”. This is about a two mile long space ship that crashed on the dark side of the moon and was piloted by two Black females. Type into your search engines: “Black Women on the Moon” and view the preserved corpses of these women with “Dreadlocks”, surrounded by their technology and documents.

Just as most people didn’t expect to see an African American family in the White House in their lifetimes, most didn’t expect an explosion of knowledge about African History to come so fast either. Chalk it up to media and the internet which the American Government is now trying to put in a choke hold. Imagine the internet crying “I can’t breathe…”.

In Africa, the Pharoahs lived in what was called: The White House. The State colors were Red, White and Blue. So much of what this country takes as “part of our lives” has been stolen from Africa. The symbols on the One Dollar bill that has the face of a murdering rapist and slaver on one side has African Theology and African architecture on the other side. Our legal system of twelve jurors with alternates overseen by judges in black robes was copied from Egypt. The list goes on and on.

This is the real history of the people of Africa. We must separate it from all the lies about us that Europeans live and have been thriving on. This is but one reason why they can’t let African History be taught in our schools. Imagine our children of all races learning what has been denied and “hidden” from them. A teacher, that I respect, said that when his students were told the truth, they got angry about being lied to by all the adults they knew.

God’s speed to us all.



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