All kinds of so called “Powerful Men” are having their masks pulled off, one after the other. Now we see them for what they are – and like so much in this country, what they are is based on the remnants of slavery (aka: wage slaves or capitalism). The same types of people who needed slavery in the past still need it today, but it’s not as easy to satisfy their twisted needs  in the 21st century Space Age. This is probably why so many people feel that there is a massive effort right now to turn the clock back to an earlier epoch or century. Remember: The Ancient Romans said that slavery, which they practiced, was a curse and should be abolished.

The fifty three percent of White women who put Trump in the White House are no longer celebrating. They now see that they were no more than slaves and willing servants to him. Trump has them not only by the crotch, but by the nose as well.

Black women were not fooled at all. Only six percent of them voted for Trump and this could easily be attributed to some form of mental illness. Some forms can be cured, but not all. We will just have to live with these Sisters. They will sell us out again when they get the chance.

What kind of man is it that women find so repulsive that the only way the man can have any type of intimate relationship with them is to pay for it?  Or to trick them, drug them or use force? God seems to have created men to find women attractive and to love them, but guess what? The opposite is true as well. Women find men attractive and a woman told me the other day that she thinks women have been programmed that way. We both laughed because it seems so true. We want each other. This is the way it is in a healthy relationship.

What is it about these so called “Powerful Men” that they make women violate these seemingly universal laws of nature? These laws that women like? Some men cannot be loved unless the woman is criminal or as sick and twisted as the man is.  We see that we have men like this now visibly running large portions of this country. And they are supported by vast sections of the American population and they are all celebrating that they can be openly evil again.

Many years ago, I had the experience of saying NO to powerful men and this was in the advertising field. Of course, I was punished for it. The attitude was: You don’t give us what we want, you don’t get what you want. Then I was told that if I didn’t submit to them, I “would be forced out of business”. It never occurred to me that they meant actual physical force!                 I thought they would just turn off my freelance photography work in which case I planned to just go back into data processing. I was a programmer, trained by IBM and I had become a supervisor/manager. It was steady work that paid well. I had always wanted to go out and see California and this might be my chance. No problem. You can’t force someone to give you freelance work, even if you are over qualified for it. But they got rid of me using police terror which included cops jumping on me out of squad cars, often parked on the sidewalk in front of my studio. This was in 1975.

I had won an Advertising Award from a newspaper called the New York Mirror in 1961 and I eventually had a total of nine years of art and advertising education. Trust me! To these men, getting their dicks into my butt hole was the only thing that made me qualified to continue working on Madison Avenue. The fact that I had been working successfully, getting national magazine and advertising work for five years prior meant absolutely nothing to them! So they turned the police loose on me. My thought was that they hoped the police could get from me what they couldn’t get. But the police couldn’t get it either, even though they were often holding guns to my head! I think the reason we don’t hear more about these kinds of incidences is because many of the victims are complicit in them. I have seen men willingly submit to sexual advances by the police. This, in part is why you think sexual terror is only used against women.  I assure you it is not. It’s just very much kept on the down low. The reason I was in the Army was because my boss fired me because I refused his sexual advances. This was before I learned to use and program mainframe computers. I had a high paying job but it wasn’t mobile. So I had to drop out of school and a draft notice soon followed.

I had always hated the police, and now I hated them even more, but I had little choice, I was trying to save my business. I went to a “friend” I grew up with who was on the NYC police force. I felt that he owed me and it was only fair that I ask him for help in my time of need. The reason I said he owed me was because when he came to me much earlier for headshots when he wanted to get into show business, I did them for him for free. Instead of helping me now, he pulled out a gun and tried to have sex with me. This is how he paid me back.

We had grown up together. I knew his mother, sister and brother. His friends had been my friends. When I told one of our mutual friends, much later, how he had turned on me, this man offered to kill him for me if I wanted him to. This man was a successful drug dealer, so he might have been able to pull it off if I asked him to do it. Perhaps he had problems with this cop in the past as well.

My therapist said that this was an attempted rape and that taken along with all of the other attempts by uniformed police officers and other men over the many years was why I had been diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) which is treatable but cannot be cured. PTSD usually happens to people on a military battlefield. It used to be called “Shell Shock”. I had been on active duty for two years in the U.S. Army but never on a battlefield as my brother had been in Viet Nam. I’m sure all police in high positions know about PTSD and what causes it. It’s just something they can and want to do to Black men to keep them severely off balance so they can eventually lock them up. Remember: There is no cure for this disorder which is a direct result of “Stop & Frisk” which I call Stop & Fondle. It is often done under threat at gun point.

The “Broken Windows” policy was ready in case it was needed and it was quickly put in place when Stop & Fondle was finally declared unconstitutional. This shows you how desperate they are to have some way to get their hands on men of color who have committed no crime but who they must get their hands on because they are so needy and intensely attracted to them. There are men that do not have these evil needs and usually, they have no need for guns either.


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