Sidique Wai, President United African Congress. "I've never seen people so united" in opposition to Trump's comments.

Six percent of African Americans voted for Donald Trump for President of the United States. Why so small a percentage? Are they seeing themselves as winners now and what were they seeing that the majority of Black People didn’t see?  Almost no-one saw Trump as the winner. Almost no-one saw it coming, not even the victor. Were these Blacks surprised? I think they were.

I was a Republican about twenty years ago. I got out because even back then, they were changing into something I couldn’t support. I needed better. There was no way I could have envisioned anyone like D. Trump even running for President, so it surprised me that I found myself talking to a friend about it just after “The Donald” announced he was going to run. My friend seemed to be leaning toward D. Trump! He and I were both working in the media but at this time, Pres. Trump wasn’t showing the media his fangs.

This friend is part of the “Landed Aristocracy” an older term for land owners. We both still are.
The Republican Party has always been seen as the Party for “Business People” and it still is. This is what attracted me to it many years ago. A couple of Harlem businessmen introduced me to some of their friends in the Party.  The Party took me in and assigned someone to bring me up to speed. This was a long time ago.

Back to the present and to my friend. He and I were part of a group of business people that met regularly. In the group were three in the media, including a T.V. Network Owner, a retired banker, a holder of several advanced degrees and all told, about a dozen of us that seemed to form a sort of Think Tank. We all seemed to have advanced skills and it was actually fun to be with them – up to a point.

My friend and I had a lot of fun talking and joking about Trump, but he never really came out and said he was going to actually vote for him. This is part of what made the conversations stimulating. I was always trying to get him to come out of what I thought was his Republican closet.  He almost said to me that he knew that voting for Trump would put him on thin ice in many ways with the Black community. As time and our group conversations went on, I started to feel that many in the group were closet Republicans. I might have been wrong but remember, I’d once been a Republican so I knew of what and how they spoke. Takes one to know one?

The bottom line is this: I love my people and I truly believe that Republicans, regardless of color or ethnicity, do not. They showed this during the flooding in and around New Orleans under a Republican Administration prior to Trump!  They have confirmed this with their recent treatment of Puerto Rico under Trump where their obvious disinterest in restoring essential services to the island has led to loss of life according to the reports of many. Modern hospitals just were not designed to run without electricity. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Trump Administration started shipping coal to Puerto Rico to power their hospitals.

I don’t think the preservation of life is very high on their agenda. They run around spouting that their hatred of abortions means they support life while the exact opposite is true. All that it is about is controlling women’s bodies to the point where they can over-rule a doctor’s decision concerning a woman’s health regardless of the outcome. It’s O.K. with them to force a woman to raise their rapist’s baby. I believe in the preservation of life, but I also believe that a bunch of men have absolutely no right to try to tell women, to whom the gift of life has been given by God, as to how they should exercise this right. Women know what is needed to raise a family correctly. I think they are born with this knowledge.

Think of this for a moment: Even among convicted criminals, women in prisons form families. As I understand it, a senior and trusted woman acts as the mother, others performs the duties of aunts and even grandmothers. Others may be seen as children in need of guidance. Men in prison, on the other hand, form gangs and the rulers are usually the most violent or corrupt, with perhaps a tinge of common sense. To me, Men’s Rights are traditionally supported by Republicans, Women’s Rights are traditionally supported by Democrats. I’ve been in both parties and this is the way I have come to see it.

So now, I’ll try to wrap this up. My African American media and land-owning friend somehow had developed the traditional Republican view on how to deal with women. To sum up the position he took during a meeting, he said the right way to deal with women was to tell them whatever was needed to get them to go along with whatever he wanted or needed. About half of the group that day was female and they all told him that this was wrong and that an honest approach would work better. Can you believe he told them all that they were wrong? The debate went on for a while but to my surprise, he stuck to his position.

I’ve known him for years. To me, he’s very talented and intelligent. I once told him that I would never want him as an enemy – he’s too smart and too clever. Also, he is not a bad person. I never saw him as criminal or not even evil, otherwise I would never call him a friend. However, his choice of women over the years was startling to me. He was attracted to women who looked like prostitutes. They looked like women I would never let into my house, let alone into my bedroom. And he always seems to be complaining about them – they are never quite good enough for him. Does he really like them, or does he just need them?  I must ask –  if regardless of the pitfalls, could life under the Presidency of Donald J. Trump be, for someone like him, still be a dream come true?


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