I wrote an article about the existing proofs that this “Civilization” is coming to an end. There is is a link to that article below. If you don’t read it then you will not understand what is happening to you right now that cannot be stopped. Trust me: I wouldn’t point these things out to you if I didn’t have something much better to replace it with. I am not a Republican trying to kill Obama Care and lying about having something better to replace it with. Their plan is to kill millions by preventing them from seeing their doctors and in its place, they want you to accept their promise to keep Black and Brown people “in their place”. That is the deal.

The bargain: You accept the price you will pay will be to give up your healthcare, (which those in power have plenty of, by the way) you accept record deficits, help destroy the FBI, put another accused molester of women on the Supreme Court who will then seek to control their bodies through the laws they will implement, put the KKK back in the White House and be ruled by Vladimir Putin. Also, you won’t let it bother you that almost a dozen men carrying out the Presidents orders have already been convicted or have pled guilty to major crimes. Enough White people and some Blacks, over time, have been very willing to pay this price and so Republicans now control most of the Governors Mansions, the Senate, the House of Representatives and the Courts as well as the White House. Cheap at twice the price, right?

Americans obviously love hurting themselves and Republicans know this because they are the ones who most enjoy inflicting the pain. The proof is that we now have an American President who is openly a sadist. I grew up with one as a kid. See if you can even try to get up enough gumption to try to tell me that I am wrong. All the known pitfalls have been put in place for the upcoming election on 6 Nov 2018 and many in the population are looking for ways to step into them. Of course all of them could be avoided by just not voting for any Republicans but this would stop the pain and this is not what so many Americans want. “We want the pain” they say, but they are not the majority. So the minority must find a way to get what they want – and they will find it. It might be that Black females (Being African and maybe Ancient Egyptian) will block them but this is just a possibility. They might pull it off using the now famous “Black Girl Magic”. We all know that there is a chance they can do this and we also know that anything can happen.


Let’s not forget: Mob Bosses are always the last to be convicted. President Nixon’s cadre numbered fifty indicted and most did time. Tricky Dick slipped through a hole and didn’t do any time even though Pres. Johnson said he had committed treason and in this way, had prolonged the Viet Nam War. Thousands of American soldiers died that didn’t have to. Has this hole been plugged yet? How do you think “Dick’s” men felt returning to their homes and families as convicts? Try to find someone today who will admit to voting for Tricky Dick, even though he was elected in a landslide. Are his voters still enjoying their pain? Are they looking for more? They can get it on 6 Nov 2018.

As I have said before, my family builds churches. You would think that people preaching the gospel couldn’t support evil, but many do. Among them are White Evangelicals. They are not new to me. They are conservative Protestants and today are an important voting bloc of the Republican Party, and they support Donald Trump. Popular evangelist Billy Graham was at the forefront of this movement when my mother took me to a lot of his meetings held under large tents. This is how I was raised. I didn’t like Billy Graham then, and I liked him and his message much less as time went on. Even as a kid, it was hard to fool me. I saw the movement for what it still is. This is in part, why my mother and I never really got along.

Christians say we should follow what are commonly called The Ten Commandments. With so few rules, it doesn’t surprise me that Christians can find so much room to support criminal organizations. It’s much like the Mafia supporting the Catholic Church. You would think they couldn’t, but they do. So for a fee, they will grant you an Absolution, forgiving you of your crimes. Very convenient for criminal organizations. Almost no rules and forgiveness if you don’t follow the few you have.

Now, a look at an ancient African Civilization that is recovering. The Egyptian religion still has the 42 Principals of Ma’at as one of its foundations. Forty-two rules that govern our lives and keep us on the straight and narrow. These Principals were the source from which Christians drew just Ten, conviently called “The Ten Commandments”. “The 42” kept us out of hell on earth and the fiery Hell Below which, by the way, was an Ancient Egyptian concept.

When I was hanging out at ABC, Channel 7 in New York, I had a guy who was teaching my how to better use the new broadcast camera that I had just purchased. He was telling me that he had just retired his fifth bullet proof vest. He also said that he knew he was going to hell because of all the evil things he had done. It seemed that he was looking forward to it. I don’t think he was joking.

He was always telling me what to do and that everything I did was faulty. I had been in the business long enough to work up to needing a broadcast quality camera. Later, in another studio I was told that I was both the best camera man and produced the best audio recordings of anyone there. Watch out for guys that are always trying to beat you down. They just might be a devil.

http://www.guerrillajournalism.co/lifestyle/again-a-civilization-falls/ How Civilizations Fall. This includes a famous free 3 hour movie, staring Sophia Loren that you don’t have to watch. It shows what the Ancient Romans did that helped pull down their civilization and how we are doing the exact same things now. This is no joke!


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