Dr. King, Children & Infants were and are held. Hillary is to be next. All without Trial!

“Lock Her Up” may well be the cry of the barbarians. If you look back in history far enough, this can become very easy to understand. I have been a student of African History for over fifty years. I have my own library and have also learned from the best teachers including some famous African History professors. Not once did I ever read or hear that Ancient Egypt was at any time aggressively depriving people of their freedoms and liberty. Yes, there were some bad or even evil Egyptians but they were dealt with psychologically and if that didn’t work, they were expelled from the community which for them, might have been worse than going into some type of confinement.

Europeans were telling all kinds of made up stories and lies about Ancient Egypt, that slaves built the Great Pyramids and that Jews as slaves were commanded by the Pharaoh to make bricks without straw as punishment meaning that they dare not fail. This is in our books and movies. Another one of so many lies was that Moses led his people out of Egypt and bondage.

These tall tales and lies were made up to make us think that Africa has never been civilized. There were some decent and honest European historians, but for most, when they weren’t hiding our history, the goal was to make you think that Africans were primitives. When I was at NYU with the goal of studying Egyptian History among other things, I was told to look and apply through “Oriental Studies”. We were also told that African Art was separate from Egyptian Art although nothing was further from the truth. Since they were making up all kinds of stuff they could have written that we had a system where we were imprisoning and torturing people but in the mass of lies they have always lived on, it seems this was one lie they missed telling. I never read or heard any stories about Ancient Egyptians having or building any prisons! Of course, it’s possible that some tall tales about Egyptian prison populations could suddenly appear now that I have pointed this out. This is often how history is created. Let’s see if something is suddenly made to appear.


It was a people called the Hyksos that carried out the first successful invasion of Egypt and they held power over Northern Egypt for a hundred or more years. Modern historians have identified most of the Hyksos kings’ names as Semitic. To make a very long story short, it was a female Pharaoh that when her time came to lead the Army, helped to drive the Hyksos out. The fact that they were defeated by a Woman on the field of battle is what “woman haters” couldn’t face so they made up all kinds of lies to cover it up. Semitic means Jewish. The Jews were a major part of the Hyksos invading force but instead of being called “invaders” they were called slaves. This was easy for some historians to fabricate. But they weren’t slaves being freed, they were invaders being driven out after more than a hundred years of vicious occupation! So they were never any fun and they just could not be assimilated into the population. So the Africans (aka: Black Pharaohs) were made to be the bad guys: “Pharaoh, let my people go!” is the popular current slogan. The Jews were set up as the good guys, rather than the murdering invaders that could not be tolerated. The Egyptian slogan at that time was: “Never again!” Be careful to fully understand what you read in the Christian Bible. My family builds churches, so I’m not that easy to fool.

Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise was made to say: “It is far easier for a civilized man to act like a barbarian than it is for a barbarian to act civilized”. To say it another way, Black people could survive by melding into this country and its barbarity because it was easy for us to just slide backward for a while. At the same time, we showed the way forward under the guidance of people like Dr. Martin Luther King and many others who showed the barbarians what they couldn’t imagine, let alone understand: Civilization.

Every time I hear the Righteous Brothers Singing their beautiful hit song “Unchained Melody” where part of the lyric is: “Show me what love is…“  I think they can’t yet understand that what MLK was showing them every day of his life is what love is and that civilization is love. Don’t think that it’s locking men, women and babies in prison cells and cages. The majority of Europeans have never been civil to anyone, not even to each other. The decent people were always outnumbered. Europeans are now making it possible to kill their own children in schools where they used to be safe and the NRA is said to be making it sustainable. So they have no honor or limits. The Ancient Egyptians had the power to do almost anything but it never occurred to them that locking people up could be the solution to any problem they might have had. They didn’t imprison any Hyksos, as far as I know, they expelled them same as was done for any Egyptian whose presence was intolerable.

Imagine Gov. Faubus and Bull Connor’s shock to be defeated by an unarmed Black man (MLK) and his unarmed supporters and followers when they truly believed that to be men, all they needed was to be as barbaric as possible, even against little children and babies. Progress will always have their resistors. For barbarians, civilization ain’t so easy. This may be why the police and others of their ilk live so much in fear which results in them seeking to murder unarmed Black men and women as if to say: “Never again”!


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