This is Ms. Jackie. She is 5 feet, 2 inches tall and single.

Ms. Jackie currently failed to get re-elected and as a consequence, has been evicted from her office in the Harlem State Office Building Gallery.  Alone, and on the street she was on SNAP aka Food Stamps and didn’t even have enough carfare to get around the City.  I bumped into her totally by accident and we struck up a conversation based on the fact that I have worked successfully for some politicians in a number of elections. She seemed promising as a politician so I decided to help her. I took her home with me and introduced her to the President of our Tenants Group who took her in after she promised to help us when and if she got re-elected.

We gave her temporary office space that she could work out of and she began working on her new campaign which we all thought had promise. A number of us have been working with her.
I am a photographer and have been donating my time and skills as has the President of our Group.

Ms. Jackie has always been somewhat closed mouth.

Unfortunately, we have just recently discovered that Ms. Jackie has launched a campaign that was totally unknown to us. She has been soliciting campaign contributions from some of the tenants in the building and is secretly planning to run against the President of our Tenants Group in the next election. There is some speculation that some of the contributions have been somewhat irregular or even illegal so there is now a pending investigation.

Ms. Jackie assures us that all financial charges and indictments that might be filed as well as the charges of voter fraud are all totally unfounded. She says she is completely innocent but is in the process of setting up a defense fund for contributions. She has also said that only those who donate to her will be helped based on the size of their contributions once she is back in power. Cash donations are preferred.  And she says as well that she is not corrupt no matter what the prosecutors say. She has fought off being fingerprinted for obvious reasons. Her special hearing aids no longer work as well as they used to, she says, so she cannot be successfully Mirandized, and she swears that they will only get a DNA sample from her cold dead body.  She is taking this stand because the people need to know that their representative is not a crook! A coin celebrating her achievements is being designed and will soon be for sale.

Sculptor & T.V. Producer     Ms. La-Verne Gittens.

O.K.!  To those who have not yet caught on, I have been lying. I guess I have been hanging out with politicians maybe a little bit too long. Ms. Jackie is actually a sculpted piece created by Ms. La-Verne Gittins, a professional artist and sculptor as well as a long time Cable T.V. Producer. Ms. Jackie was part of an exhibit in the Harlem State Office Building.  After the exhibit closed, La-Verne needed a place to store Ms. Jackie until the next show so I have her now for a while. Everyone in my office has fallen in love with her and I guess this is why, although she doesn’t talk much which is unusual for a politico, she has had some recent successes in politics.  “I have my eye on the top slot in this country”, she was quoted as saying recently.



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