Heat?  Yes, I think any Black people who support President Trump are feeling it right now. I remember when I first found out that there were “Negroes” in America active in the slave trade as it existed in this country from 1619 to 1865. I was young, and this stunned me. They were buying and selling African flesh with all of the many evils that went with it. Was it that they believed in inflicting this on our people, or was it just for the money? This was hard to understand but now I’ve gotten used to the fact that evil has no skin color.

I am a “retired” senior, but still active. I have been around the block more than a few times. The “wounds” that I have were not self inflicted – they have been earned in the battle for my people in this hellish environment that has been created for us in this country. We are a mostly captive and unarmed part of the population, and the fantasy of a large part of the American population is that we will always remain this way. They can’t understand that the human race was born to be civil. Regardless of where the world is now, in this, the 21st Century space age, regardless of the Star Wars movies that tell us we will never be civil, I believe, or want to believe that we are headed toward a universal civilization and not away from it. Evil Administrations notwithstanding.

We are in a situation very similar to the Jews in Nazi Germany. Hitler said that if you tell a lie often enough, people will start to believe it. It worked, but he had to tell a lot of lies to finally convince his people that unarmed Jews alone had the power to destroy Germany with all of its military might. Hitler was having stunning military victories all over Europe, yet these unarmed Jews were the real threat? They were unarmed. How were they going to pull it off? Why was the German population so anxious to believe this absurdity? In fact, the opposite was true: There were more German Jews working for the Reich than against it. Could African-Americans be next for the “Sardine Packing” pits to be stacked in our graves as Jews were or maybe actually into cans like these little fish? You don’t think it can happen? Q: What will happen to Black Republicans if the word comes down to murder all African-Americans, men, women and children? Will they ink the words “I am a Republican” across all of their their foreheads in an attempt to save themselves?

There is plenty of evidence from NASA that Ancient Egyptians arrived here in space ships. (See the “NASA” article in this same publication.) There is mounting evidence that we are or were the “Aliens” except we arrived perhaps a million years ago. If you want to know how America wants to or will treat aliens, the Trump Administration says we can and will treat them the same way we treated all Africans and same as we want to treat anyone who is not a White European! I don’t care when you got here! American Indians were here when we arrived and had built cities across the country. Where are they now? Can you find any? Can you find their cities?

To this end, it seems, White Americans have armed themselves to the teeth with military style weapons and also militarized many of their police forces. You must understand that military style weapons are designed to be far more lethal than weapons intended for civilian use. We saw in Ferguson, MO circa 2014 that after the cold blooded killing by a police officer of an unarmed civilian, Michael Brown, that unarmed civilian protesters were surrounded by a police force that had just exited from military style vehicles and were pointing military style weapons at completely unarmed civilian protesters. There were many protests about this and some police departments pulled in their fangs a little bit.

Since the end of WW II there is not nor has there ever been any real threat of armed invasion by any enemy. What? Is Canada or Mexico going to invade us? They are the only ones that could. Those weapons, then, must be for us, the mostly unarmed African-American population.

Add to this that there have been and still are Black people pulling and holding us down. The current and future provocateurs who will have our blood on their hands come from two major groups: Criminals and Republicans. I have often heard criminals say: “I don’t care” and believe me, they don’t. And you cannot be a Republican and wish African people anything good. President Trump’s “shit hole” comments are one smoking gun and another is the fact that no Blacks, as far as I know, have quit the Republican Party even after hearing People of Color, which includes them, described in this way. They seem to have taken the place of the former Black slavers and they cannot be insulted.

It is no accident that when we transitioned from the Obama White House to the Trump White House, criminal accusations began almost immediately. Treason was the call sign for President Nixon according to then President Johnson. DJT has had plenty of time to get ready, although some say not enough, but now many people are saying that the current Administration also has a turned coat. A majority of the American population did not vote for the current President. It seems that he was elected under laws put in place during slavery and this is the system that was responsible for his election. So this minority is now enjoying “minority rule”. I am sure they will fight to the death to prevent elections going to the majority of the American people now and on into the future.

Evil may not have a skin color, but it has a name. A few days ago, on a major television network, I saw a sign saying that Donald John Trump was the Devil. I was shocked to see this because, as I see it, the major media has always been supportive of D.J.T.  They refused to call his outright lies “lies” although everyone knew he almost never spoke the truth, except on the rare  occasion when the truth could or would help him.

Just a final note: While writing this article, my mind blanked on the name: Ferguson. Of course, I went onto the internet as usual, but this information was extremely difficult to find. What I could find everywhere and all over the place was that when I referenced the Department of Justice aka D.O.J. or any other search parameter I could think of, mostly all that came back were references to the various Clinton Investigations, none of which have resulted over the many years in any criminal charges. Seeing this makes It seem that the only things ever investigated involved the Clintons. I found little indicating that the Trump Administration was enduring several investigations, and that one investigation had resulted in indictments and guilty pleas. I think that someone is choking the internet.


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